Dynasty Warriors Online Capture Tactics Guide

Dynasty Warriors Online Capture Tactics Guide by cyang519

It is not a literature class so you won’t be able to see the definition of tactic. But hopefully you will get some inspiration for what a capture tactic should cover.

Personally, there are 4 level of tactics.

Level 1 – JOBs Assigning

The core of tactics in the level is that everyone get certain JOB. For Example:

Player 1 + player 2 go for base; player 3 + player 4 do KOs.

For the beginners, this is a pretty solid method to organize the game. But to be honest, a definited tactic is no longer called TACTIC. Anyway, it is still better than knowing nothing to do on the battlefield.

Level 2 – Map dividing

By entering this level, everyone knows a bit about “what to do”. Instead of taking a job, each player in team would be responsible for some area.

In most cases, The process of assigning area is made by the server. a player is likely to be responsible for the area near the place they start.

In this level, no players would be wasting time for getting certain place; the team then would be somewhat effective and efficient.

Contact with enemy player would increase from this level.

Notice that if any player is killed, the divisions for all should be re-assigned.

Level 3 – Cooperative timing

For a team to reach this level, all players need to know about not only “what to do”, but also “when to do”.

In order to know “when to do what”, all players in team need to have clear sense for what is going on EVERY REGION – not only the one responsible for.

Region would be defined, but not limited to certain player, in other word, players rotate in different region if needed.

By watching the progress of both team in battle, defend enemy (or let go) to setup the same timing as all other regions, and take the base down at the same moment.


defend enemy (or let go) to setup the opposite timing to other regions, get as many as KOs when enemies try to get all the base down, rotate/swtich the bases in hand with other teammates, finish the game with higher KOs score.

If two team in game are both in this level, the game is more likely to end in secondary decision (KOs), unless any player is killed.

Level 4 – Battle Controlling

This is a level in legend…

I personally see two teams only on another server reach this level.

By this level, every player in team has solid capture skills & knowledge. In addition, at least two of the players in team get incredible PvP skills.

All Players work in their own corresponding region first, the two (A&B) with better Pvp skills then kill or expel the enemies from their areas. The other two need to hold up the rest enemies in their region during the process of expeling and killing.

(A&B) Chase enemies into other’s (C&D) area, cooperate (with C&D) to kill enemies. After the enemies are death, rotate region and kill the rest of enemies.

Repeating the process.

In this case, no more than two enemies have abilities to take down bases. (Flasks lost after death)

A victory is there after destroying their battle abilities.


a team with higher level of tactics is more likely to win, but it is not absolute.

The performance of each player, luck, connection, all influence the final result.

Last but not least, see you in next capture game ^^.

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