Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Basic Guide

Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Basic Guide by orange559

I tend to get a few questions about the pyro, how to build it what to use and so forth so figured I’d drop my thoughts and my build on this class.


Pyro tends to play out the best with some beefy metal in the backround. The angrier the more awesome it gets. Get some angry screaming flowing through your speakers while reading this guide to ensure success.

Talent points

The class is very mana dependant. Run out and depending on weapon choice your dmg goes down the drain.

I’m running 25/25/20/8 – could try slightly less manaregen since I’m closed to topped off constantly while running pulse staff.

Start with damage burst > burning dmg. Later on in the game you will learn to love the burn but early on it aint all that powerfull. Do get some burn points before maxing burst damage tho.

Weapon choice

First off all play around with it, the options are great for the pyro. Mix it up and have fun.

Pulse staff: slick aoe damage and once your burn ticks for good amounts this staff is unmatched for speed runs.

Glove: Deal damage on safe distance, I prefer to run flamewall together with it to get some aoe.

Flamethrower staff: Bit lackluster according to me, good dps, but short range and less aoe then the pulse staff.

Meteorite: Few run it but I love it, deals massive damage and most important it looks amazing.

Flamediver rune: aw yeeeah! enough said. (see tips and tricks section).

Firewall: better then you think, damage can be off the roof with this one. (see tips and tricks section)

Prefered weapon perks

Staffs+firewall: Blazing is unmatched due to scaling with talents. Since burn ticks tend to be stronger with higher power beefy would be your prefered 2nd slot.

For the pulse staff chargey would be a great perk due to the constant charging when using it.

flamediver rune: stun > all. If anything studious and snappy(never seen) could be usefull.

Meteorite: Beefy.

Tips and tricks

Flamethrower staff: well thing is that when you hold attack it takes damage (not sure it’s intended) so spaming the button would be prefered but who can be bothered.

Meteorite, flamewall & pulsestaff all goes through/over walls.

Burn ticks: Reason flamewall is so strong is that the burn damage is doubled with the charge attack, same thing goes for the gloves. Meteorite and flamediver rune does not add burn.

Flamediver rune: use it to break bombs in vh without taking damage or get stunned.

This guide was rather written in quite a haste and without much planning so bare with me on typos and lack of flashy formatting.

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