Cyber Monster Medals Guide

Cyber Monster Medals Guide by Lundriel2

First of all, to check your medals you can look on the “Position” tab found at the top left under your level:

This will open the Promotion window and will tell you how many medals you have and how many medals you need to get promoted, it also tells you what the benefits are of your rank and the next rank:

The higher your position the more benefits you get:
-More attacks on mining spots per day
-More Slaves
-More pets on guild farm
-More pets mining at the same time
-Open Pandoras Box more times per day
-Use Alchemy more times per day

1. Mining (top right of your screen)

Fighting the enemy factions mining spots rewards medals, the better you do in each fight the more medals you will gain, only the spots with arrows above them may be attacked:

2. Rsc. War (pet must be in Guild Team as shown below)

Open the guild window and click on “Team” at the bottom right:

Drag a pet into the Guild Array and then your done:
*Note* only the guild leader and elders can seize the Rsc. points, each fight your guild team wins gains you medals, if your pet is not in the team you wont gain any.

3. Activities(not all activities award medals, the tab is found at the top right of your screen)

The activities are described and tells you what each one awards:

3a. Bahamut(twice a day)
Bahamut is like Mining, you challenge bahamut, the better you do in each fight awards you more medals.

3b. Guild Arena(once a day)
Guild Arena is like Rsc. War each fight your guild team wins with your pet in the Array gains you medals, only the guild leader and elders can challenge in the guild arena
*Note* You will NOT gain medals unless the enemy team has at least 1 pet in their team, if you win by default you gain NO medals.

3c. Arrest Warrant(once a day)
Arrest Warrant.png

In arrest warrant you fight other players a few accomplices(mobs) the difficulty is shown by the level of stars they have (1 Star is weakest) not all criminals will reward medals but win or lose you will gain some, winning will get you more than losing (you can check what you gain from them by clicking the icon just next to the character)

3d. Faction War(once a day)
Faction War is where you fight against players of the opposite faction(although there is no fight scenes unless you check battle reports) the better you do the more medals you gain:

*Note* Once you have joined you must leave the faction war window open or you leave the war.

Teasure Sail
(not a reliable source of medals)

Treasure Sail can also give medals, escorting ships and successfully defending them from plunders may give medals, the amount of medals you gain depends on the level of the plunderer. Plunderers level minus escorters level = how many medals you get, if ur higher than the person who is plundering you will get NO medals.

Example 1:
Player A is lvl 50 and escorts.
Player B is lvl 80 and plunders.
Player B fails to plunder successfully, player A gets 30 medals.

Example 2:
Player A is lvl 50 and escorts.
Player B is lvl 49 and plunders.
Player B fails to plunder successfully, player A gets 0 medals.

At the start of each week you can claim “Position Rewards” the higher your position the better the rewards.
You can check what the weekly reward is in game by clicking “Events” at the top right and clicking on “Position Reward”

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