Cyber Monster Guilds Guide

Cyber Monster Guilds Guide by mangatarian

As a budding Guild Master, I am Rose of the Taruhi guild. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people trying to initiate guilds and a lot of people trying to get into guilds. A good number of them going about it the wrong way. So let me give my advice to all my future fellow players as well as the newer ones hanging around now!

Guild Masters & Elders

A Guild Master’s job is not exactly the easiest. It seems that way, but you really need to put in the effort if you want your guild to develop.


First off and foremost, you want members. More importantly, you’ll want active, trustworthy, and listening members. Accepting any and everyone is nice, but to be a good guild master, having 10 people sitting around mooching the benefits of your guild and not supplying their own effort into it is only going to make your development slow down.
It’s fine to go advertising your guild, accepting anyone, but be sure to let them know that, even the tiniest donations should be a standard. Be sure to know when to put your foot down.

While we’re on the subject of fellow players, get to know your guild. A tightly knit guild of friends will be a lot better off than a bunch of strangers. And while you’re at it, talk to them and decide who would be your most trustworthy, best bets for your two Elders. Elders have almost as much power over your guild as you do, so pick VERY carefully! Picking a bad Elder can destroy your guild.

Events and Resources

There are a select few events that require the influence of the Guild Masters or Elders. Try to be online or pick an Elder that will be online for them. As well as make sure that you designate 5 people to invest a pet slot and build an awesome pet to fight for the Guild’s team! You’ll need it for the Guild Arena and securing Resource mines.

Speaking of resources, you’ll need to make note of your guild’s resources and income often. Decide on what upgrades you’ll want to buy your guild and when. Sometimes it’s better to hold off on buying farm or guild beast upgrades for a little while longer.


Sadly enough, this is an issue… It’s understandable to want mounts and their effects, so try to invest in buying some if you can. Players are greedy things, so you, or an elder, may have to spend some coupons and purchase their luxury. If the players are only in your guild for mounts, they’re probably not going to be the best guild member.


Your guild is your creation and your responsibility. At times, you’re going to need to be the one to grind guild quests for extra funds because donations have slowed. Free users especially are going to have to work that extra bit to set a good example for their members. Make your character strong, but remember to invest in the guild often. Personally, I don’t at minimum 100k gold and 1k element every day at reset.

Guild Members

For those who aren’t Guild Masters or Elders, you don’t have nearly the burden of them, but that doesn’t mean you should take it easy. If a good Guild Master does all that, wouldn’t a nice thanks be to work your hardest as well?

Finding a Guild

While there are good and average Guild Masters out there, there are also Guild Masters that will have you donate and then kick your butt straight out the guild. Don’t let yourself be a victim of this. Don’t just join any old guild, talk to the Guild Master and other members of the guild before you start fully investing into it. Once it’s safe, knock yourself out. (Note: Don’t let the trial process last more than a day or two. If you do, the Guild Master will have right to question if you’re honestly going to properly invest.)


It’s honestly not asking to world for your to donate around 10k and 100 element a day. It really isn’t. I’ve had way too many guild members complain and complain and complain that the guild isn’t growing fast enough, when, at the time, I was the only one investing Elements at all into the guild. You want to complain? Put work into guild.


If you agree to building a pet for the team, be sure to raise it nice and high. Your pet will be one representing you and your guild, so don’t let them down! Also, have a back up. You’ll want to switch between them as you level up. Aim to have one around your level at all time because pets don’t gain EXP while in team.
(Note: With general going through the game and the newbie pack, you should have 7 pet slots open, so if you have 5 pets for battling, 1 for mining, and 2 for the team, you’ll have to invest in buying a pet expansion scroll. You can buy one for 30 coupon or get one from completing the Crystal quest, which can be completed by buying a Small Crystal Bag in the market for 10 coupons.)

I’ll add more to the guide as I become more experienced as a Guild Master and a Member. Hopefully this will help someone. Thank you for reading and be sure to add in your own input as a reply to this thread! As I said before, I’m a rather new Guild Master, so I could be wrong on a few things.

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