Bakery Story Maximize Profits Guide

Bakery Story Maximize Profits Guide by anketam

The purpose of this is to break down the mechanics of Bakery Story so that you can maximize your profits. Be warned some of this math might get troublesome at times, and some amount of rounding and estimating is present so your results will vary. Also this all assumes you have 100 customer happiness meaning you will be getting 1 customer a second entering your bakery and you are not blocking your doors (which can cause surges when you unblock). I will also be ignoring: ramp up times like the time it takes for your bakery to fill up when you log in, since it washes out the longer you stay in, out of sync errors causing it to forget the last x customers that were in your bakery, and broken hearts.


Max number of customers in the bakery at any given time: 27
The max rate customers can enter your bakery at any given time: 1 per second

Maximizing Profits while Offline:

While you are not in your Bakery the game will use a fixed time for how long your customers will spend in your bakery, and so no matter how cool, awesome or poorly designed your bakery is it will always be the same. That time is 75 seconds. So you will sell:
60 seconds / 75 seconds wait per customer * 27 customers = 21.6 plates a minute.
At 21.6 plates a minute if you go with the average 4 coin dishes you can expect to see
41,472 coins if you spend 8 hours offline.

If you want to maximize your profit while offline you should go with red velvet cakes since they have the highest profit per plate at 7.02 coin a plate. Since you are selling plates at 21.6 a minute you will need:
21.6 servings / (1,225 servings / 22 hours to cook / 60 minutes in an hour) = 23.28 round up to 24 stoves to bake all those red velvet cakes in order to keep up.
So if you are a higher level you only need 24 stoves while you are offline in order to maximize your profits, if you have more than 24 stoves you will need to spend time online with an efficient bakery to keep up. If you have less than 24 stoves mix in faster recipes to keep fully stocked.

Maximizing Profits while Online:

This is where the fun begins, since while you are in your bakery, the design of your bakery comes into play thus affecting how much money you make. There are three more constants you now have to worry about:
customers walk at 1 square a second
customers take at least 5 seconds to get past the register (probably represents the time it takes the customer to decide what they are going to have)
customers take 10 seconds to eat

The goal to maximizing your profits while online is to serve and get the customer out the door faster than the rate they can come in. The rate they can come in is 1 a second, and with a cap of 27 customers in the bakery means if you can have each customer spending less than 27 seconds in the bakery then you will process one plate a second, or 60 plates a minute. Now to be safe your goal should be 26 seconds. Now 15 of those seconds are gone off the top from the customer eating and waiting/getting to the register. That means customers can only spend 11 seconds walking after the register around your bakery, before your max through put gets hurt.

First is location of register(s)

Your registers need to be within 5 squares of their respective door. It is best to have them at the edge of that range to minimize the walking being done by the customer.

Second multidoor vs single door layouts

If you go with a multidoor layout like us crazy few you can achieve that easily by adding more doors (with some players having gone all out). But you can actually achieve it with only 1 door without using any exploits. Look at this layout:

This layout has just enough chairs to serve the customers. In its case the average time spent walking is: 9.78 seconds. Round that up to 10 seconds + 10 seconds to eat + 5 seconds to register = 25 seconds total which is under the magic 26 second mark meaning that it can achieve the max profit while online. Kind of sad that something so basic can do it, but you really don’t have to do anything crazy (even though I do but that is just because I am crazy).

If you want to maximize the online profits it is still best to go with Red Velvet Cake, but this time around if you want to sell red velvet cake and leave your phone/tablet on 24 hours a day and not use it for anything else then it would take 65 ovens to keep up. If you average 50/50 then you will need 44 ovens to keep up. So plan your recipes accordingly.

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  1. Anon says:

    For lower levels, I recommend making sweet potato pie since they have the highest dish amount. If I baked red velvet cake only I can’t keep up since I don’t have enough stoves :( I’m a level 41 by the way.

  2. ImaNoob says:

    So this awesome article came out in 2013… Is it still relevant in 2021? Like, did Storm 8 update anything at all?

  3. skannerz says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Well I only have 22 ovens and three doors, 30 tables and I only cook red velvet cake, Capp, red potion, early grey and cinnamon rolls

  5. bellbear1 says:

    The amount of thought that went into this is insane. I’m seriously impressed.

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