Awesomenauts Clunk Guide

Awesomenauts Clunk Guide by CasualFriday11

Hey, I know the game is fresh, and like most MobA games, everyone wants a guide on how to play a character. Right now I am playing a TON of Clunk, because he just doesn’t care about what the other team wants to do.

Keep in mind: I am only level 19, so I do not have all of the loadouts. Also, I don’t know the names of the loadouts at all =P So let’s get to it!

In my loadout, I have:


  • Increased Bite damage and lifesteal
  • Gain extra max HP when you lethally bite an enemy
  • Ensnare an enemy when you bite them


  • Increased Self-Destruct Dammage
  • Slow enemies in the AOE while charging Self-Destruct
  • Decreased Self-Destruct cooldown (There is really no need to decrease the amount of dammage self-destruct does to you. It doesn’t do much to begin with, and the amount of HP you end up with is absurd anyway)


  • Increased firing speed
  • Add an improved missile to his stream
  • ???? (I’ll edit this when I get home, I can’t remember)


  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Movement speed
  • Gain 125 Solar

The 125 Solar gain will probably be replaced with the other Increase Max HP skill when I unlock it. For now, this goes well with my strategy:

Start by collecting as much Solar as you can on the launch. On your first buy, I get my extra 125 solar, increased movement speed, and Bite. By the time you get to your lane, you should be level 3 against level 1 or 2 champs. The level advantage combined bite allows you to trade blows positively, giving you the upper hand in the first laning phase. Anyone who tries to be aggressive on you loses over half of their health. If you need to jungle, he can one shot all of the neutral creeps without an upgrade, giving you a distinct advantage in farm, as well as denying the other team any heals.
On my first buy, I’d like to get Self-Destruct, the aura that slows the other team when I am charging it, and increased max HP when you kill an enemy with bite. If you have enough Solar, increase your Max HP stat as well. (with the sustain from Bite and neutral camps, I might not go back until I have 700-1000 solar)

When you are farming your max HP with bite, auto attack an enemy robot twice, then bite it. This guarantees that bite will be lethal. Basically, you have enough HP that you should never die, making sure you are the biggest and baddest tank in the game.

Your second buy should be all about increasing damage on your skills and becoming more tanky. If the other team is using heavy nukers, such as Lonestar maxing his dynamite, Froggy G maxing his nukes, or an enemy Clunk, max out your bonus HP before increasing damage on his skills. Here is why: against sustained damage enemies, Clunk can hang out all day. But burst damage can get the best of him, because you won’t have the time to get more than one bite off. After taking a few heavy nukes, running away is difficult because you are probably the slowest champ in the game. Having all 3 points in Max HP will help remedy this. Even still, be weary of heavy nukes.

If the other team is using auto attacks, such as Lonestar focusing his blaster or Leon, go ahead and increase the damage on bite and self-destruct with your second buy. You can just nuke these guys down while sustaining their damage through bite. You can get one point in increasing max HP if you want, that is personal preference. The bonus HP from farming with bite should be enough to tank these champs, but if not, go ahead and get a point or two in maxing your HP.

Your Role

After your first buy, if you are tanky enough, just stay with another teammate and absorb all of the damage for them. (If this is after your second buy, there is no “if” =P )In fights, if you need to keep someone from running away, charge self-destruct, and then bite them right after it goes off. This will regen the HP you just spend to slow them and take out almost all of their health. In a 1v1 fight, feel free to bait them a little, then bite them. They will probably try to run now. Try to get another bite in before using self-destruct. If they are below 50% though, don’t bother. Just self-destruct, keep them in the damage aura, and then taunt. =P

I didn’t talk about missiles, and I forgot which upgrades I even use. I neglected them because, as you can tell from this guide, I focus on tanking and nuking the other team. Sure, I shoot missiles, but they are not the source of damage in this build. The way I see it, you have a ton of HP. You are better off running into the enemy team and nuking them. If you are standing back shooting missiles, you better have a good reason. I have yet to have a game go long enough that I needed to upgrade my missiles. I go for all of the other upgrades first.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me. With this strategy I went 12-2 online today. I will keep playing him and making changes as I see fit. For now, this is my strategy, and I think I have written down a good theory behind it. If you have any questions or comment’s I’d be happy to address them here. If you want to party with me, hit me up on XBL: NineVolt11 (If anyone knows how to change a gamertag, I would be grateful!) Lastly, this is the first paper I have re-read since college!

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