Awesomenauts Lonestar Dynamite Guide

Awesomenauts Lonestar Dynamite Guide by SonicBOOM

Good evening awesomenauts! I’m going to explain the build for Lonestar i’m using, its doing good for me so far. I have been playing almost only with him and having a blast!


Dynamite section:
-An extra stick! (this is a must, will make you be able to shoot additional dynamites up to 3)
-Dark matter flashbang (either that, the LS effect or Mister TNT, I will explain why dark matter later)
-Contact detonator (Rubber sleeve if you don’t have the lvl to have Contact)

Bull section:
-Super breed 2.0
-ribbit snail slime
-Mature Ribbit snail Slime

Gun section:

-Crystal eagle bullets
-Another missile

General section:
-Rocket boots
-Piggy bank
-Power pills turbo (if you don’t have the lvl for it use Power pills)


Buy order:

Try to get as much solar as possible from the rocket falling down, if you get most of them you will be missing a couple solars and you can grab them near the shop.

Piggy bank / Rocket boots / Bull (if you got the 5-15ish solar missing grab dynamite)

-first recall: you should be able to buy Contact detonator and if you are wealthy grab a second dynamite stick.
-Mid game: go for the remaining sticks of TNT and put 2 or 3 lvls in Dark matter flashbang, after that go for Missile / Another missile, crystal eagle bullet depending on if you want more dmg or more CC.
-End game: Max out bulls section, starting by Mature ribbit snail followed by Ribbit snail slime.

IMPORTANT: if whenever you get pounded 1HKO by say clunk or if Leon / Froggy tear you up too much, grab Power pills turbo, I did not place that awesome perk in the buy order because it depend against who you are fighting, you could need it early in the game so use your judgment.


Game progression:

Start/Early game: Like most other characters your early game might be rough, I told you guys to pick up bull as 1st skill and heres why: You can get a little behind ennemies and bull them toward your tower, its not as easy as its sound tho, alot of ppl playing voltar or clunk know that they are slow and will try to take pace with you.

Try to find the good time, watch the dots in your map to jump down behind and bull them. Like i said voltar’s jump is making him stick really well on bulls, to be more effective you can even start a jump and bull fast so the bull head will go a bit higher and knockback more.

Another advantage of using this tactic is in alot of case you will separate someone from their team and will make it easier for your team to focus on one target.

Jungle is your friend, so do the healthpacks, try to remember where those HPs are and use them wisely. When in dire situation i.e. whole other team full hp and you 50% is to try to go kill some mobs in the jungle to make some cash and full up instead of having to recall. OFC take care of Leon or Froggy in the jungle, they like to farm it =P.

Mid game: with your 3 contact dynamite the real game start ^^ learn how to play with them, i’m learning every day, a couple of tips I can give: use the ground to turn it to your advantage, place those mines at spot ppl won’t think of, lure them to go into them. There’s a multitude of tricks to be done with dynamites, one of my favorite is to lay 2 or 3 dynamite stacks somewhere near the action and bull them at some unexpected moments right into your pack of dynamites. There’s also some area that are “Hidden” if i can say that, i mean, like in LoL there’s bushes you can go in and enemies won’t be able to see you from the outside of it, anyway, those spots are excellent area to hide dynamites stacks and drag enemies into, they cant see whats inside until they get in and then.. BOOM! Also, if you can grab 2 or 3 lvl in dark matter flashbang its a good perk against humans enemies, against CPU enemies id rather go for bigger boom or LS because they don’t seem to be affected by blind black screen, against human its totally different, by knowing your enemy is blinded you can anticipate his movement and either escape or throw a pack of dynamite in a good spot.

End game: Focus on trying to destroy the enemy main base, i know this is obvious lol sorry, in fact you should try to destroy the enemy main base from the beginning =P Bull fully upgraded is fun, 60% slow for 6s is pretty sick for the team, i’m debating if I should try Techno viking instead of one of the slow or even the bull size, if you guys have any input yw.


Things your team will love if you do:

-Use bull to tank some of the turrets dmg and save some of the minions HP, doing so can give the time so another minion wave arrive at the good moment, I have damaged towers alot doing so solo and if your team doesn’t require you on another lane its a good thing to do.

Telling your team where are the dynamites so that they can use them either for luring or escape way.

Things your team will hate you if you do:

Please do not use bull as a way to just knockback enemies minions from your tower, in some case it might be worth it but here’s an example on how it can literally destroy your team towers, mobs will knockback but won’t dmg (unless you have techno V helm, then i can’t say if its worth it) this will result in stacking up those mobs until theres like 15-20 of em wreaking havoc in your buildings. I was in a game where the enemy Lonestar stacked our mobs so much we won the game when we decided to knockback him / kill and let the horde go, i laughed to tear but seriously i wouldn’t have wanted to be in the other team..

EDIT: bull is a powerful ability but it can be dangerous for your team too, DO NOT bull a clunk self-destructing in the middle of your team, take care not to bull your enemies in a direction that they get pushbacked in their turrets saving them in result.

I will add stuff on this guide this was just some of the things I thought could be useful for you Lonestar players! It’s my first guide also so don’t be too harsh on judging it, I’m far from being perfect with Lonestar and this game has alot of things to learn/understand. If you guys have any pertinent stuff to add you are welcome!

Thank you very much for reading my Lonestar guide, I am sorry in advance for my english writing, its not my main language ^^;

Special thanks to Ronimo, this game is so much fun me and my brother are hooked, I wish for you guys the best future possible!

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