Arctic Combat Basic Tips and Tricks

Arctic Combat Basic Tips and Tricks by TwinZ

1. Always try to prefire people!, You will kill him faster then he kills you!

2. Use the skill “Overcome crisis”, it will restore your hp when under 50 hp.

3. Try to aim on the head!, It will kill your enemies faster AND nicer!

4. Try to complete evry daily mission you have to do, you will grant more XP and PTS!

5. Use a gun whit you’re style, If you like having recoil and you want alot of headshots, use the AK-74, IF not, use the M4A1.

6. Try to LURE People coming to you!, Shoot on the wall, some of the enemies will look to hes mini map and come at you!

7. try to aim when you wanna kill, it will lower your recoil!

8. Use the Red dot sight, Its easy to spot enemies whit.

9. S&D Tips: When you have to Defend your objectives, You have to get behind a cover at bomb A or bomb B, when you have to attack, try to do things easy, and steady, don’t just rush in their base to plant the bomb, wait untill YOU know it’s clear.

10. When you’re playing in big maps, go to the middle, alot of people will go there , you can ALSO Aim on the middle of the map, will get you kills.

11. When you’re playing in small maps, try to camp out, people will rush and you can easily get them if you’re camping.

12. Use the RPG,Machine gun & Flamethrower if possible!, Whit thoe 3 items you can kill the enemies SO Much faster!

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