Akaneiro Abilities Basic Guide

Akaneiro Abilities Basic Guide by fink

Below you’ll find a list of the Abilities provided during initial beta, sorted by the associated Discipline type. Keep in mind that the first beta build provides you with a fully unlocked selection of abilities at a greater starting power level than will actually be the case. The stats that scale abilities are functional, though it’s difficult for beta players to view characters stats presently.


Focused on melee assaults and direct damage. Scale with the POWER base stat, which also increase normal melee damage.

  • Rain of Blows: Damage and stun a single enemy with a rapid melee assault.
  • Shockwave: Slam into the ground from above. Causes damage and knockback to area.
  • Swath of Destruction: Damage and scatter enemies with a fast offensive dash.
  • Seeing Red: Get angry! A melee damage boost that lasts for a short duration.
  • Hungry Cleave: Steal health while damaging multiple enemies with a powerful horizontal slash.
  • Meteor Rain: A flaming meteor shower hits the target area, blasting enemies in area.


Focused on defense, support and crowd control. Scale with the DEFENSE base stat, which also increases damage reduction.

  • Skin of Stone: Stone armor provides additional damage absorption.
  • Chi Mend: Instantly recover health, ideal for emergency aid.
  • Chi Prayer: Increases health regeneration rate, ideal for prolonged battles. Best used prior to fighting.
  • Haunting Scream: An unearthly scream causes weaker enemies to flee from battle.
  • Iron Thorns: Attackers are impaled on deadly iron thorns for the duration.
  • Ring of Frost: A freezing ring of ice bursts from below, slowing enemies and causing frost damage.


Scale with the SKILL base stat, which also increases critical hit chance. Focused on ranged attacks, traps and evasive tactics.

  • Steady Shot: A carefully aimed shot stuns and damages a single enemy. Charge for more damage.
  • Stinging Shot: A venom coated shot that applies poison to target.
  • Caltrops: Scatter caltrops on the ground, causing damage and slowing multiple enemies.
  • Ninja Escape: Instantly teleport in a burst of smoke, stunning nearby enemies.
  • Bear Trap: Damages and stuns enemies in a small area when trap is triggered.
  • Firebomb Trap: Flame damage to multiple enemies when trap is triggered.

Each of these abilities will (in future) offer several levels of training. Each training level will increase the overall power of the ability, as well as adding additional effects.

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