Akaneiro Basic Gameplay Guide

Akaneiro Basic Gameplay Guide by fink

The Basics
All about getting around and hitting stuff. Experienced players can probably skip this section ;)

Moving Around

  • Move about the world using by using left-click. Click and hold at your destination to maintain movement.
  • Left-click on chests, doors, switches and loot objects to interact with them.

Attacking Enemies

  • Left-click on a valid target to attack it with the currently equipped weapon.
  • Click and hold to attack the target continuously. You don’t need to click per attack (unless you enjoy it!)
  • Hold the SHIFT key while attacking to hold your position. You can then attack without unintended movement.

Using Abilities

  • Right-click to use primary ability (the first in the list) or press the ability hotkeys.
  • You can also left-click the ability button directly. This method may also require
  • Ability training and equipping is currently disabled. Review info on the abilities available in the Abilities Guide.

Health & Energy

  • Keep an eye on your Health gauge (red bar); when it’s low – withdraw or fight to the death!
  • Collecting Karma Shards from dead enemies restores health. Kill to live.
  • As well as enemies, you’ll find Karma Shards in breakable objects and chests.
  • Energy (green bar) fuels ability use. Be wary of entering battle when energy is low.
  • Energy regenerates even faster when not in combat.

As a Red Hunter, you’re duty bound to undertake missions for the Order of Akane. As a beta tester, you’re duty bound to try as hard as possible to break each mission map. In either case, it’s the best way to earn XP, Karma Shards and LOOT!

Interact with the Akane Bounty Master to open the Yomi Island Map:

  • Choose an area to see the available missions. Defeat the Demon King (boss) in each area for a large reward.
  • Each area contains 3 missions, which must be completed in sequence. Completing all missions in a given area will unlock the next area.
  • Background info on areas can be found in the Area Guide

Mission Threat Level
Once a mission has been completed, you can replay it at any time. After the first completion, Threat Levels become active. Threat builds over a time, as an area moves from SECURE to OVERRUN as the Yokai in the location gain more power.

  • SECURE: The Yokai in this location pose little threat, so the reward offered is minimal. However, secure locations will yield higher Daily Income.
  • LOW THREAT: Yokai are a threat, so a moderate reward is offered. Recently unlocked locations start at this Threat Rating.
  • HIGH THREAT: Yokai are stronger and more numerous, so a high reward is offered. Additional objectives are also added at this Threat Rating.
  • OVERRUN: Yokai have complete control over the location, and are the most powerful and numerous.  The highest reward is on offer. An Overrun location will not produce daily income.
  • Threat is effectively difficulty. Completing a mission on all Threat Levels will later be linked to rewards and larger goals pertaining to Karmic World Balance. For more about the final design for this feature, check out the Akaneiro FAQ.

Whenever the mission is completed, Threat Level will drop. Completing one threat level will unlock the next permanently.

Collapse & Revive
On the brink of death, the Ainu Amulet stirs. You hear the voice of the Elder Shaman…

  • When health is reduced to zero (or mission is otherwise failed) you’ll collapse. You’ll then be presented with a choice.
  • Revive: A prayer of resurrection instantly returns you to full health and causes damage/knockback to nearby enemies. Reviving costs Karma Shards.
  • Escape: Teleport back to the village and abandon the current mission. Abandoning the mission also means abandoning your earnings.
  • You’ll later be able to obtain “Prayer Slip” items that lessen the cost of revival, and the penalty for escaping.

Yomi Village
At this stage of beta, the village hub offers only a subset of final features. We’ll be unlocking additional NPC services as they’re completed and tested internally. The available NPCs and their functions are as follows:

Active Village NPCs

  • Akane Bounty Master: Access available missions.
  • Summoner Shimizu: Summon Spirit Helpers which provide a range of passive beneficial effects.
  • Goto’s Equipment: Buy and sell weapons, armor and accessories.
  • Shammy Mart (Elder Shaman Pan): Food & Beverage buffs.

Inactive Village NPCs (will be enabled as beta progresses)

  • Trainer Takeda: Train in new abilities or improve existing ones (active abilities). Mastery training in armor and weapon (passive abilities). See Ability Guide for more on abilities.
  • Craftsman Resak: Combine equipment with raw materials and karma to upgrade it (crafting).
  • Gato’s Raw Materials: Purchase ingredients used in item upgrades.
  • Shammy Mart: Additional item types – Prayer Slips (revival items), Keys for locked boxes, Stat Increasing items, Akane Lodge Extensions.
  • Ghosts of Yomi: You’ll see a few placeholders for these forlorn spirits scattered about the village. Wait and see…
  • Pit Boss: Enter brutal survival arenas. Wager on victory.
  • Yokai Trapper: Purchase “broken” Yokai to fight by your side during missions. Consume them for a free revival.
  • Bug Enthusiast: …

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