Akaneiro Beta Mission Areas Guide

Akaneiro Beta Mission Areas Guide by FlightTribe

Below you will find a list of all areas and missions in the Akaneiro Closed Beta.


Flowing down from the central mountain ranges of Yomi Island, this river borders a deep pine forest and runs alongside the Temple Highroad.

1) Wicked beasts… Local wolf packs have become extremely hostile, afflicted by some maddening influence. Investigate the neighboring Shigemori Village. It has been days since last contact – we fear the worst.

2) Rotten Core… Demon Wolves gather in great numbers at the Bleeding Grove Orchard. Collect evidence of Yokai influence from demon wolf corpses. Check the nearby Alpha Den for further clues.

3) Raging Ushi Oni… A powerful Ushi Oni has rallied the Amano Imps to his banner to sow chaos on Yomi Island. At night fall, infiltrate their territory. Kill the Imp Captains – then take the head of their leader.


Craggy ravines cut through forested areas and expose natural cave mouths that lead to deeper underground networks.

1) The Outcast… The spirits of fallen wolves roam Jawbone Ravine, attacking all who approach. Meet with our informant, Brother Daisuke. Travel with him to Moroko’s Maw.

2) Stirring Spirits… The Ghostclaw Cult is responsible for raising wolves from death. Explore the cave system – Daisuke can open the way. Search for information on Ghostclaw activity there.

3) Shade of Moroko… The spirit of the Wolf Lord Moroko has been cruelly twisted by Ghostclaw Cult magic. Eliminate the Ghostclaw High Cultist and Destroy Moroko’s Spirit. Daisuke will release Moroko’s soul.


Gnarled roots choke and grasp at clusters of forgotten gravestones and weathered monuments.

1) Hedge Trimming… The forest has awoken. Bloodthirsty trees – Jinmenju – attack and consume all who travel on the temple road. Thin their numbers destroy the Witching Tree.

2) Graverobbers… Yokai thieves are defiling the resting place of revered elders. As you pass through the catacombs, do what you can to prevent further damage.

3) Gashadokuro… The gigantic skeleton of an ancient Oni warlord has risen, merging with a twisted Jinmenju tree. Defeat this abomination, and then bury the remains.


Long abandoned, this temple ruin serves as a base for the Bloodfang Werewolf Clan. A large Yokai army is gathering here.

1) Going Under… The Bloodfang Clan has occupied the Temple Ruins. A hidden entrance to the temple is accessible via the cellar. Secure the cellar entry and then return to me for further instruction.

2) Don’t Dawdle… The temple cellar is a maze of twisted passages  and dead-ends. Beware; a terrible beast stalks the adjoining caves. Secure the Temple stairway, then report back.

3) Big, Bad, Bloodfang… Ascend to the uppermost floor of the Temple, where Chief Bloodfang awaits justice. I will accompany you – let us take his head!

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