AirMech Newbie Guide

AirMech Newbie Guide by Osga21

So, if you just picked up AirMech and want to get started, or you just want to get some tips, here is my N00B Guide.



If you are a beginner, your go to AirMech should be the chopper, her’s why: It has two of the best and simplest “skills”, one that allows you to fire missiles, like the Striker, except you can also fire the missiles while you’re on the non-flying stance. The other great “skill” is the carry upgrade which can significantly boost your speed while carrying troops. It is also very easy to maneuver, even though he is a little slow, and is very well balanced. However if you haven’t unlocked it yet (for 2800kudos is one of the cheapest airmechs), then I suggest the striker.

I recommend you take:

– The Runner: Faster than a standard soldier but has less hp. Good if you want a quick point capture

-Longhorn: A trustworthy tank which has an excellent firepower. This will be your pushing unit.

-Goliath: A late and expensive unlock that slows down your AirMech a lot, but it is totally worth it, since it has lots of HP and is super powerful

-Moneymaker: That goliath is very expensive, and a few of these spread throughout the map will help you pay for that beas of a tank. A very helpful unit in the beginning and late game.

-Seeker: Mobile artillery that will take down any flying target. This will help defend your captured points.

-T99: A very good turret that will keep creeps and players out of your captured points and base.

-Patcher: All those units are going to absorb lots and lots of damage, so its always nice to have a patcher at hand to heal them up.


-Creeper/Boomer: If you feel that you are having a hard time defending your captured points from the creeps, a creeper/boomer might come in handy.

-Blaster Guardian: Will help you with all the shooting and point defense/attack.

-Arty: A good artillery unit that can break tight defenses and is not as expensive (both in kudos or ingame cash).


I suggest either Ashe or Lexi, they both have very good “buffs”. I tend to go with Lexi for the extra attack power. DON’T pick Natasha! Even though she is recommended for new players, she will make you loose because of that max build queue of 3. Oh, and never go with an empty chair, that’s just retarded.


If you are a new player, you probably shouldn’t be spending your kudos on items, but if you really have to, Total Biscuit’s hat is a pretty good item.


Skill leveling order:
This is designed for the chopper

1-Chopper Rockets
2-Armor Upgrade
3-Creep Upgrade
4-Chopper Rockets
5-Carry Upgrade
6-Carry Upgrade
7-Carry Upgrade
8-Armor Upgrade
9-Creep Upgrade
10-Armor Upgrade
11-Creep Upgrade
12-Chopper Rockets

Before we begin, I suggest you play with a friend on Voice Over IP, because it makes everything so much easier, and this is a game that requires a good communication to some degree. Also, always remember to set your location, this way you can minimize lag issues.

Right at the start of the game buy as many T99 turrets as you can. Lay them down around your base and on the main entry points. As soon as you finish placing the T99s buy two money makers and place them on the little circles. Remember to leave some circles open for your teammates. I call this step protecting your base, and it is a very important one, because I have won many games, just by walking into the back of the enemy base and shooting. Do NOT skip this step

As soon as you are finished placing the turrets conquer the first neutral point. Try to pick one that isn’t heavily defended, or on an island, preferably, the one in the middle of the map (if there is one). Make some T99s and some seekers and place them in the entry holes to the point and around it, try not too exaggerate and don’t forget to place some patchers too.

When you are done protecting your first point, go build some seekers (5 or 6) and put them around your base, this will keep meddling players out.

Pro-Tip: Always keep an eye on the minimap.

Continue pushing and capturing neutral points. After all the points are captured (either by your team or by the enemy team), start pushing through the main lane (generally the middle one) into the enemy base, deploy as many longhorns as you can and some seekers to go with it. Also, link some patchers to a few longhorns.

You should now be able to make a few goliaths. Use them to penetrate the enemy defense and hit the enemy base as hard as you possibly can. There you go, you won the game!

Defense: If the enemy is beginning to penetrate into your base, deploy as many goliaths, longhorns, T99s and seekers as you can, around your base. Make them give up and then push! Dont forget the patchers.

Got any suggestions, am I saying something incredibly retarded? Then reply with your corrections

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