Age of Wulin Forbidden Ground Village in Dusk Guide

Age of Wulin Forbidden Ground Village in Dusk Guide by chaose5

Forbidden Ground (禁地) is a category of instance in Age of Wulin.

It is much larger than the usual small instance.

The first forbidden ground that you will come across in AoW is Village in Dusk 暮色之村.

The entrance for Village in Dusk is in Suzhou, in the middle of the sea (see picture below, you take a boat there or just swim there)

It can acommodate up to 6 person.

There are 3 modes of difficulties for this instance: Normal, Hard and Hell Mode.

There are additional bosses in higher difficulty modes.

Normal Mode: Rank 1 Neigong Lv6
Hard Mode: Rank 1 Neigong Lv17 / Rank 2 Neigong Lv2
Hell Mode: Rank 1 Neigong Lv28 / Rank 2 Neigong Lv13 / Rank 3 Neigong Lv3

* It is recommended that you should only attempt this when you have at least lv15 School Nei Gong
* Obtain the 3-man party formation skills through main quest. It helps alot, especially if you can get a chest master to lead the formation, with HP/Mp regen. You will also gain the special party skill which has pretty high damage.
* If you reach lv21 school Nei Gong and obtain the 6-man party formation skills, it’s even better.
* Although it is not required, you can choose to do the series of quest for this instance. The chain of quest starts at Inn Keeper in Suzhou (NPC coordinate to be added)

Normal Mode

Stage 1: Helping Villagers to Escape to the Dock

Trigger the first task by talking to the old lady (who is shouting for help incessantly) near the dock.

You will need to help 10 villagers escape to the dock.

The villagers will spawn one by one from the gate of the village and run towards the dock.

2-3 bad guys will spawn and try to kill them along the way. Having a dillusion that they are very strong, the stupid villargers will actually stop and attack the bad guys instead of running, only to be owned soon enough.

The trick is here to lure the bad guys to the side so that the villagers will not “see” them or else the villagers would start hitting the bad guys and might be killed in the process.

After 10 villagers are saved, the 1st boss 周厉风 will spawn at the gate.

It’s an easy boss which can be downed without much guidance.

It is noted that when the boss uses guard, you will need to break his guard with feint.

If you attack it with real move instead, he will obtain a buff which double his damage and the buff is stackable.

For example, if you hit him 5 times with real moves while he is guarding, he will gain 6 x damage and probably kill you in a single hit.

Stage 2: Extinguishing Fire in Burning Village

Open the gate leading to the burning village.

Clear all the mobs in the area.

Each person pick up a bucket, if this is your first time here. The bucket stays in your quest item inventory forever.

Fetch water from the sea by right-clicking the bucket in your quest item inventory and extinguish the fire in the burning village (by right clicking also).

After all the fire has been put out, the 2nd boss 魏不羁 will appear.

Beware of the fire breath, which will burn the victim.

If you are burnt, ask your teammate to pour water (in the bucket) on you or run to the sea (only do it later, after you kill the boss)

Stage 3: Guarding Villagers who are Salvaging their Belongings

Go into the next area, clear the mobs in the area.

Trigger the task by talking to the villager nearby.

You are supposed to protect the villagers who are trying to salvaging their belongings.

Bad guys will start spawning around that area try to kill them.

There are 3 places with 5 belongings each.

It is optional if you want to guard all these 3 places.

It is perfectly alright to just guard 1 or 2 places only.

After the villagers are done with their business, the 3rd boss 钱惜之 will spawn near the top of this area and he is NOT alone.

He will summon 1~3 assassins who are actually human players to help him.

Assign 1-2 person to deal with the attackers while the rest, focus on the killing the boss.

Stage 4: Saving a Maiden in Distress

Go to the temple nearby, and clear the bad guys who are patrolling along the road in front of the temple.

Open the gate and lure the 2 mini-bosses out of the temple (through the gate) and kill them.

Finally, lure the 4th boss 叶楼凯, who is attempting to rape the girl, to the gate of the temple and kill him.

Clear the other mobs in the temple.

Stage 5: Kaboom!

Go back to the old man who is standing at the spawn point of the 3rd boss.

Talk to him and escort him back his house.

Take a firey stick nearby (to light up the dynamite later)

When he is back to his house, get a key from his house. The key is behind the wall scroll in his house (only available after he reaches there)

Go back to the temple (stage 4). Use to key to open the box , which is hidden underdeath the Buddha statue. You will obtain a dynamite.

Go down the road in front of the temple and you will see a house (Zhao’s House) on top of the slope.

Clear all the mobs in front of the house. The entrance to the house is blocked by tree logs.

Setup the dynamite at the entrance, light it up and stay clear of the explosion area.

Once the entrance is open, send a guy to lure the 5th boss 韩似锦 away while the others kill the two underlings.

Boss Skills:
一剑东来 Left Slash:  Single target.
剑影留痕 Shadow Sword Guard: If you attack him while he is guarding, he will recover MP.
潜龙莫测 Hidden Dragon: switch his HP and MP (in terms of percentage, in other words heal himself to almost full HP since he can easily recover MP).

Tips for Boss Fight:
– Use Feint to break his guard immediately after he guards to prevent his MP regen.
– Apply Poison which will drain his MP on your weapon (the lowest grade poison has 40% chance to drain 12 MP per hit). He only has roughly 200 MP and can be drained easily.
When he is out of MP, he will stand there doing nothing.

If you defeat this 5th boss within 5 minutes, the instance will be ended. The 6th boss will not appear.

Otherwise, just wait 5 minutes till the timer reach 0 and the 6th (final boss for normal mode) will be spawned and you don’t need to fight the 5th boss.

Stage 6: Final Boss


A few skills to watch out for:

痛苦悲鸣 Cry of Pain : 360 degree AOE around him. Silent effect.
铁索缠身 Chain Bind : Chain and bind a target. The HP of the target will be reduced continuously. Another team mate double-click on the binded victim to free and save him.
天地不仁 Heartless : Moving Tornado, very large AOE. Pierce block.

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