Age of Wulin School Spying and Patrolling System Guide

Age of Wulin School Spying and Patrolling System Guide by v2seraph

Spying will be one of your most important daily routine in the game! Anyone who played long enough should know the importance of having lots of school medals.

Spying Another School

– To spy a school, you must first visit their school’s territory.

– Then, find a NPC called ‘江湖刺探’ (Open up your map and tick the labeled icon to find him). Accept spying quest from him/her and you will be teleported to a random area. (Right in the school if you’re lucky)


– You can also start spying without talking to above NPC. Follow 3 steps below and you will start spying immediately. You must be in the school’s territory as well.

– Go to the school. Note that most schools don’t allow you to ride horse within their territory. (Except Beggar’s Sect & Royal Guard)

– Start collecting info from 3-4 NPC Undercovers ‘内应’. They are scattered throughout the map, you can get 1 report from each Undercover simply by talking to them.

You may check >HERE< for the location of these undercovers.

– You can also get info from Intelligence Agent (IA) ‘情报弟子’, they are offline players. There are 3 skills for you to utilize.
● First skill allow you to steal 1 report from IA, there is a small chance to fail. Failing will increase your exposure by 20.

● Second skill allow you to steal 3 reports from IA, high chance to fail. Failing will increase your exposure by 100 & unable to move for 30 seconds. There’s a small chance for him to drop a Nei Gong page too! Check HERE for more details.

● Second skill also allow you to steal an item ‘令牌’ from a patrol ‘巡逻弟子’. Using this item will decrease your exposure value by 40.

● Thirds skill allow you to stun a patrol temporary. (Useless)

– You can collect 10 reports at most, teleport back to your school once you’ve gotten enough. Search for Intelligence Management ‘情报负责人’ NPC and submit quest to get your reward. (You can also submit quest with just 1 report, but the more report you get, the better the reward!)
● Submitting 10 reports will get 20 寒鸦草, 50 unbound silvers, 2 medals & 160 Experience (历练)

Q: What is Exposure Value?
A: Note that there is a bar indicating your Exposure Value under your 3 spying skills. Once it reaches 80 or more, a red icon ‘探’ will appear on your head designating you as a spy!

Q: What is Weekly Spying Quest?
A: You can receive a ‘Weekly Spying Quest’ from your school leader. You are required to spy 5 different school, 5 times each (Optional). Succeeding in this quest will earn you 70 extra medals.

In addition, you will also get 20 spying medals when you accept this quest. You can be teleported to a school of your choice instantly by talking to your school leader, 20 times per week.

Q: What are Medals used for?
A: Medals are used to exchange higher level skill or Nei Gong of your school.

Q: Any way to complete spying faster?
A: Yup. Set revive point within your school first. Once you have gathered enough reports, switch to your very first Nei Gong ‘坐忘功’. Then, jump down from a high place and suicide! Choose back to revive point then you will be back to school instantly.

Patrolling Within Your School

Patrols have a yellow icon ‘巡’ above them!

– To start patrolling, talk to Intelligence Management ‘情报负责人’ in your school and accept quest. Alternatively, open up ‘闯荡江湖’ interface and accept quest from ‘门派 > 门派巡逻’.

– Open up target filtering ‘目标筛选’ top left of your minimap, tick show players ‘显示玩家’. Now, 70% of the red dot that appears on your minimap are spies!!

– Click ‘和平’ beside your character portrait on your top left and change to PK mode ‘江湖’, otherwise you won’t be able to initiate a battle.

– There are 2 different patrol skills, first one will increase target’s exposure by 30 while second one have a small chance to increase target’s exposure by 80!

● But of course, you can always force kill a spy. Killing a spy that has not been revealed will increase your Slaughter Value ‘杀戮值’ by 400, deliver killing blow will further increase the value by 50. You also can’t get reward for killing a unrevealed spy.

– Go back to Intelligence Management ‘情报负责人’ and submit quest once you have killed at least 1 spy (If the spy has 0 report on him, you will not be able to submit quest). Note that no matter how many spies you have killed, you will only get 1 school medal, so it is recommended that you submit your quest every time you killed a spy.

● Take note that you will lose all your killing records if you got killed in the middle of patrolling.

Video above shows spying & patrolling. I suicided once gotten all 10 reports to travel back to my school quickly.

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