Sins of a Dark Age Hero Stats Reference Sheet

Sins of a Dark Age Hero Stats Reference Sheet by Cyber

Hi everyone

Well, after a longer than expected slog, I have finally finished my Hero Stat Reference Sheets for everyone.  I had originally planned on simply uploading my spreadsheets, but they are a bit complicated and I wanted to organize the information into an easier to read format.

So, a few explanations on the stats:

1) Hero per level increments: you will noticed many of the per-level-increments are actually not integers.  I calculated these using the following formula: (level 15 state – level 1 stat)/14 = stat increment.  It turns out that for many heroes, the increments are actually not integers, but have a fractional component (for reasons that aren’t clear to me).  I did actually record each stat for each level for each hero, but this was the quickest way to find the increment factors.

2) AP and SP scalings: I tried my best to estimate these by buying a number of SP and AP only items, but I know from patch notes that IG likes to give us scaling factors with three decimal places.  Since the game shows AP and SP bonuses to two significant figures (and round up from three), some of my scaling factors might be slightly off.  They should be very close though.

3) Accuracy: I have not double checked a lot of these values, so I reserver the right to have made mistakes.  If you see anything that is inaccurate, please let me know so that I can update them.

Ok, that is enough of an intro.  Click here to download the reference sheets as a PDF.


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