Broken Realm Enchanting Guide

Broken Realm Enchanting Guide by LightxKara

This is a guide on enchanting including tips on how to save safety stones while getting to +20!!! k here we go

first of all, you need to know, this will cost you a lot of gold, but its much better than wasting safety stones as their much more difficult to come by, unless your a cash shop user, and a big one at that too.

so onwards,

step1. open forge (above your skills hot-key bar between quests and pet button) select what weapon you want to refine, by default it shows u the item u are currently wearing , if you are not wearing the item your enchanting, click the “Inventory” tab that is located between “Character” and “Pet” which are situated directly beside the equipment info section of the forge centre.

step2.(NOTE: THIS MUST BE DONE WITHOUT THE USE OF SAFETY STONES!) after selecting you gear, rapidly spam the enchant button located at the bottom of the equipment info section, continue to do this until your gear is +10, if your feeling lucky or if you have the gold go ahead and try for +11-+12 stop there once you have done so (NOTE: THIS MUST BE DONE WITHOUT THE USE OF SAFETY STONES!)

step3.(time to use them safety stones) OK, now that your gear is not too far from 20, this would be a good time to use the safety stones, this way, even if you end up failing a few times, the total amount you would’ve used if you started from +5-+20 is greatly reduced saving you some money(if you buy stones) and stone (if you buy stones xD).

few more tips!

TIP#1 : DO NOT USE SAFETY STONES FOR +2-+7 -_- its a complete waste, since +1-+7 only reduces you enchant by 1 there is no need for safety stones when you can just spam enchant safety stones are too valuable to waste.

TIP#2 : I’m not too sure how this works or if its true, but i find myself losing allot of gold and not getting anywhere when i try to ride out a fail streak, (a fail streak for me is 3+ fails in a row), if your having this problem, stop enchanting, and wait a while, maybe a few hours, re-log and try again, or even a day, your choice.

TIP#3 : abuse successive enchants, if you find yourself getting 4+ successful’s in a row, keep going, keep going until you’ve hit +20 or run out of gold, i don’t know if luck of successful’s pass over into other gears ( as in, your refining a sword and you get +20 then decide to refine armour) so i cant tell you to keep going on with more gear but you can test it out and let me know if its a good decision to make.

TIP#4 : DO NOT MIX SAFETY STONES, WITH (TIP 2 + TIP 3) ACTIVE, by this, i mean, if your having 3+ fails then 4+ successes, stop, do not continue,this is because if you fail you lose a stone, if your successful you lose a stone, meaning if you get 4+ successful then 3+ fails, that’s 8 stones down the drain and is completely not worth it, just do as in TIP 3 and wait a while, re-log and try again.

well, this is all I’ve got so far, if i come up with any more accurate data on enchanting I’ll be sure to add it to this ^^ lemme know your thoughts and tips if you have any that i haven’t mentioned thanks for reading!

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