Broken Realm Wings Guide

Broken Realm Wings Guide by OkKai

Lets just jump into Wings section

Q: Wow! How Do I get these nifty spiffy wings?
A: You complete a your level 32 MAIN quest. Not optional but MAIN.

Q: How do I upgrade these wings to become better?
A: Simple! Press the “J” key and click upgrade, but you must haveFairy Wings in your inventory.

Q: Where do I get Fairy Wings?
A: Very Simple! You can either farm your dungeon or buy from cash shop.

*thanks to Krystallized for the picture

*note The Fairy Wings you get in dungeon are BOUND. I repeat, BOUND.

Lets take a look how these wings look like:
Glowing Wings

Royal Glowing Wings

Gold Glowing Wings

Angel Wings

Royal Angel Wings

Gold Angel Wings

Arch Angel Wings

Royal Arch Angel Wings

Gold Arch Angel Wings

Seraph Wings

Royal Seraph Wings

Gold Seraph Wings

Glowing Wings I – Gold Glowing Wings III

Angel Wings I – Gold Angel Wings IIII

Arch Angel Wings I – Gold Arch Angel Wings V

Seraphs Wings I – Seraphs Wings VI
*Coming Soon

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