Soul of Guardian Upgrade Tricks

Soul of Guardian Upgrade Tricks

You must reach high enough level if you want to become formidable in soul of guardian. Only if you are of high level, can you challenge higher grade Dungeons. Put more excellent equipment and stand in other players’ awe. How to upgrade quickly in SOG? Let’s take a look.

1. Quest: do quest every day, including main quest, branch quest, circle quest and college quest. Follow the main quest once enter the game, and you are certain to arrive at lv 35 easily. You can not only win lots of exp by finishing quest, but also gain silver, gem and other props that can be used for equipment exchange and recast.

2. Dungeons: There are multiple kinds of Dungeons in SOG. Players of lv. 30 or up can challenge the Predatory Abyss on their own. Players of lv. 43 or up can challenge the Flame Altar Dungeon by group. Dungeons will reward you with rich exp!

3. Fishing: it is an excellent Dungeon that is familiar to all the players of SOG. Players of lv. 40 or up can enter the pond to buy fishing rod. VIP player can enter the fishing island to buy ocean-king fishing rob. Old Tilapia is excellent for upgrade, and other fishes such as Baby Fish and Old Golden Carp can be exchanged for lots of Battlesoul and silver.

4. Dual Training: don’t forget to find another player to do dual training when you feel tired. Dual training can get you more training exp.

5. Essence prop: we will send lots of props as rewards every day, players can claim these by click the “claim” button. And this is an important way to obtain exp.

Above are just some basic guides. Please share with us if you have new tricks!

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