Lost of Legend Priest Skills Guide

Lost of Legend Priest Skills Guide by Kiwibiscuit

Priest is a unique assistant class with great power, but their skills are relatively complex for newbie. Therefore, I will provide skills introduction and upgrade advice for your reference.


Soul Blade: Try your best to reach the highest level, as it’s the main attack skill for Priests.
Heal: It’s not always useful, just learn it as you level up.
Soul Shield: It can save your life, try to reach the highest level as soon as possible.
Mass Heal: It’s only useful in specific circumstances.
Resurrection: You don’t need to level it up, as Lv 1 offers a 40% of resurrection rate already.
Dispel: Key skill in team battle. Dispel counteracts others’ mana skills, such as Mana Shield of Mages, Nether Shield of Priests. It can be very powerful if you are a good team player.

A high-level Mage with the help of his/her high-level Mana Shield is almost invincible. But if a Priest keeps using Dispel to destroy the Mana Shield, the Mage can be killed by a high-level Warrior in one shot. If you use Dispel to a Warrior every 5 seconds, his Blade Flurry is counteracted too.

40% of success rate for Lv1 Dispel is far from enough, so upgrade it asap. Operation skill is required for Dispel. Prepare for dodge in case you fail in using Dispel, otherwise you could be killed by high-level Warriors. What’s more, you may counteract your teammate’s Mana skills. So choose the right target.

Conclusion: Dispel is powerful in mass battle or siege if you learn the highest level.

It’s a must to learn Summon Evil Wolf to the highest level. Press shortcut key J, the Evil Wolf will stand by, press J again and it will follow you to attack.

Phantom Rune: It’s one of the main attack skills of Priests, so level it to the highest.
Poison: The highest level is a must. High-level Poison decreases enemy’s defenses greatly, and causes damage on the enemy’s life according to its strength.
Camouflage: it’s useful when you are fighting with Boss, but it’s invalid when you PK with other game players. So just learn it casually.
Mass Camouflage: You can save your teammate with this skill.
Blessing of Might: You can learn it casually, but higher level is a plus.
Increased Magic: You can learn it casually, but higher level is a plus.
War Armor: You can learn it casually, but higher level is a plus. Lv 1 has the same effect with the highest level, the difference lies in duration.
Shackle Soul: This skill stun monsters of lower level than yours in a specific area. No need for upgrade, as higher level Shackle Soul is just superior in duration.
Invisibility: Different from Camouflage, Invisibility makes you invisible to the enemy and other players. When you use this skill, the locked skills will become unlocked.

Lv 1 Invisibility has a success rate of 20%, and a 15% increase with every level up. It’s a useful skill to protect your life, yet it’s the hardest skill to level up. 170 HP will be consumed every time you use the skill, but the proficiency will only be increased when you use it successfully.

These skills are seldom used, just use it for fun.

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