DragonSoul Inventory Guide

DragonSoul Inventory Guide by Tivo

Shortcut Hotkeys:
Left click – Pick the item up
Right click – Use the item (or synthesize in some cases)
Shift+LeftClick – Copy the item name to chatbox
Shift+RightClick – Separate stacked items

Delete items by Picking the item up, then Right Clicking on the ground.
To remove the Confirmation box when deleting items, uncheck the box beside “Discard confirm”

Storage Boxes:
-Basically a portable warehouse.
-First obtain a storage box from either the Gold Shop (press J) or from your 499 gift (or a low level quest, I don’t remember).
-Place the box into one of the 4 slots next to the Storage Box Icon.
-Show/Hide the boxes by clicking the Storage Box icon.

Bottom 5 buttons:
Synthesize – Allows you to make a better/more useful item out of another item.
———— Place the item you want to synth into the middle box and the other 4 required items will be shown
———— Some items require you to have 4 others of the same item and some items require 4 different items
Disassemble – Has the same effect as Shift+RightClick. Click Disassemble, then click the stack of items you want separated
Peddle – This is a personal shop. You can sell items in your invy, pets from your petbox, and you can even purchase items
Rearrange – This simply arranges items in your inventory making it easier to see what you have. There is a 3 second cooldown
Shop – Oh look, a nice little portable general merchant shop. Nifty.

Copper(left) – Currency paid by merchants when you sell items to them. You buy from merchants with this as well but if you don’t have enough copper, it uses your silver. Cannot be traded with other players.
Silver(Right) – Main game currency. Can be traded with other players. Can be used in the Auction on rare occasions.
Gold(Bottom) – The currency bought for real money. Use this to buy items in the Gold Shop (Press J). Can be used to bid on items in the auction. Cannot be traded with other players

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