DragonSoul Inferno Ice Circle Instance Level 75 Guide

DragonSoul Inferno Ice Circle Instance Level 75 Guide by Proxia

I’ve had a few requests for information about the level 75 instance. I don’t have time atm to do a full blown guide with screen shots right now, but will attempt to give some basic info to help those in need. Perhaps other players that are currently doing the instance each week would provide shots and/or other details.

Level: 75+
Location: Medicine merchat (which I believe is a bug but neither here nor there) in Garrison camp.
Times: Tuesday/Thursday (X to Y time)
Number of attempts on a given day: 2

There are a few differences in this instance compared to the lower level runs.

  • You can only go on set days of the week, not every day.
  • You can enter 2 times, no matter what. This means that you don’t have to find someone who has not entered already that day in order to participate in a second run.
  • The items required to fight the final boss (Inferno Snake), are not guaranteed. However, you are able to farm the items and save them for future runs.

On entry the leader of the party will be asked if the party wants to fight the instance in normal or Hero mode. In my experience, the fight itself is not different enough to ever pick normal. But I base this on 5 kills fo the Inferno Snake. It is believed that the Hero mode will change the drops and/or drop rates for the kills inside the instance. I can not confirm or deny this assumption at this time, provided numbers from groups that kill the snake often would be nice.

** NOTE ** If the leader runs more than a few steps the box for this choice will vanish. If you care which mode you are in, ensure that the leader is aware that this is the only chance to pick. **NOTE**

The instance is laid out in 16 to 18 different rooms. This is very unlike the lower levels instances, where you able to run freely to any point on the map at any time. The starter room is just that, only used on entry and death. All in zone none payment raises will take you back to this room. **A bad thing as seen later**

When you move to the next room, you will be randomly teleported to one of the other 15 rooms. All rooms have the general monsters (guerillas). They will be the main source of experience and drop the holy fragments (i forget the name atm, will edit this to update to correct term later). After the starter zone you are required to obtain 5 fragments and combine them to make one (item name). Each (item name) allows to to move to the next room. You are able to stack fragments up to 99 and keep them from run to run, but they are not tradable. The item you make with fragments will only last 10 mins.

When moving to a new room, using a item, you will be sent to a new random room. 8 of the rooms contain wardens, a semi corporeal being, that will drop an item of their name. Example Life, Death, Fright. These items are stackable up to 99 and can be traded or mailed. To fight the Inferno Snake you must obtain 8 of these items (each with a different name). When one player has obtained all 8, they are able to right click it to create a new item. This item will last for 10 hours iirc.

One of the rooms, which you can randomly be placed in, is the Snake Room. It contains guerillas in one third of the room and the NPC version of the Inferno Snake. While holding this item you are able to speak with the Inferno Snake and start the fight. All members not in the Snake Room will be teleported to the snake. Since it is very random on which room you go to, it is high suggested that everyone in the party attempt to move to the room and the 1st one there has all 8 pieces mailed to them.

I don’t have time to go into full detail about the snake fight itself at this time, but i will list a few of the major issues to keep in mind and come back to edit the rest in later.

  • The snake is in easy mode for the 1st 50%
  • It has an AoE DoT that does medium damage (i wanna say its like 4.5k over 30 or 60 seconds)
  • It can crit for 5-7k dmg
  • If the DoT is on and you are not curing to full and it crits, expect death. (under level 80)
  • At 50% will gain new skills and increase its damage output by a large %. (forget the numbers off the top of my head)
  • Key move to watch for after 50%: It will drop a flaming rock from the sky onto whomever has hate. When this happens a wall of fire (east to west) will spread out from the point of impact. It will continue to drop rocks on the same person, even if they lose hate. If the person stands in one space they will not only take the dmg from the rock but also from the wall of fire (dot). The dot also increases for each wall in the same location. If you run away from him, the walls will be slightly spread out.

Warlord’s practiced policy for the instance.

  1. Farm 2-3 stacks of fragments (might be enough to get you to the snake room)
  2. Farm around a stack of each of the 8 items to fight the snake (more than enough to not farm again for months)
  3. Enter 3.5 hours before escorts and kill guerillas for 3 hours — Exp run (using 4x and maybe 2x orb)
  4. do escorts as fast as you can
  5. Enter 5 mins before instance event time is over.
  6. while killing guerillas for 2 hours, slowly attempt to move someone to the snake room.
  7. mail items to person in snake room
  8. kill snake!

The snake itself takes around 30 mins with 4-6 level 80+. So you could, if you feel safe, kill another 30 mins for more exp.

We found that the drop rate on the snake was low enough that we didnt care as much about the kills as we did the exp. Perhaps you’d rather kill the snake 2x a day, so kill 2 hours then snake each time.

I just rambled everything i could think of. I’ll come back and edit this later, just wanted to get some of the basics out for everyone that was asking. if you have some specific question that i didnt partial address or about what i wrote, please post below. I’ll see what i can do.

Have fun and good luck

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