DragonSoul Warrior Layout Basic Guide

DragonSoul Warrior Layout Basic Guide by Equip

If you decide to become a warrior, there will be three main skill branches for you to choose from. Those include, Champion, Strategist and Gladiator.

First, the champion class is focused mainly on the ability to tank, and take as much damage as possible, while fighting off several foes at once. All the while, they will not deal the most damage to one enemy, as their attacks will be spread out to various targets. Champions are ideal for acting Leader Roles in an Instance, or Dungeon party, in which they take most of the damage and control aggro.

Second, the Strategist class is a mixture of the Champion and Gladiator. The Strategist will gain Buffs focusing on Attack Bonus, Defense Bonus, and Health Bonus. As well, there are passive skill slots that will grant these additions permanantly, or for however long you decide to have the sufficiant skill points in them. A Strategist is a half and half. You can use a strategist for PvP, or Tanking in Dungeons, though they may not sustain the full potential to either route. This is useful if a player wants to cover more ground in the game safely, and not need as much assistance in either pvp or tanking. Though, a full strategist will be low on skills in the Champion Tree, and Gladiator tree. This means they will be limited in their abilities in one sole location, but this is what allows their flexibility as well.

Lastly, the Gladiator class is solely for PvP purposes. This class focuses primarily on direct, high damage potential physical attacks to one target, and one target only. This is ideal for any player looking to pursue 1v1 fights throughout their DragonSoul Career as a warrior.

Of course, like all Classes, warriors have a downside, though, whether warriors are OP or not, there are significant handicaps to choosing this class.

1. A warrior is a close range class. No single attack will have more than a 5m range. This leaves the warrior vulnerable to any attack with a range over 5m, which can be found in all other classes. This means, long range stuns, slows, and so on.

2. Warriors have extremely low elemental defensive capabilities. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to mages, assasins, and archers, considering all of those classes carry some sort of elemental ability.

3. A warrior DOES use mana points for skills. Don’t think because you chose this class, it’s skills won’t use any sort of magic. So, this requires a warrior to hold onto both Magical regenerative tonics, as well as health. Though they may not burn through them quite as fast, they are still essential, or ideal.

4. A warrior has very few stun abilities, or ranged abilities. This limits the ability catching a long range target within any set amount of time, and can quickly get tiring for the warrior, and pointless to continue chasing the target.

Aside of those downfalls, Warriors as usual, have great physical attack capability, and a good chunk of health. This is idealy to counter the range loss, and lack of stuns. As well, physical defense is at a high, but elemental is extremely limited. Elemental attacks are non-existant for a warrior, leaving everything physical.

With all that said, if you have chosen to be a warrior, or are still thinking about it, please keep all of those factors in mind. And one last thing, there are weapons designed for each skill tree, except the strategist. Whichever, Gladiator or Champion is your dominant skill tree, is the weapon type you will be likely to use.

Thank you, and enjoy Playing as a Warrior in DragonSoul, if you so choose to.


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