World of Tanks KV-3 Brief Guide

World of Tanks KV-3 Brief Guide by ToXiKz

From the games I have had with this monster, I have come to disagree with the general opinion on the tank.

Before you even start, playing this tank like anything besides a heavy tank will make you look foolish, and may leave a bad taste with you.

Your advantages in this tank:

•You can damage absolutely anything from the sides and back with my prefered gun, the 122mm. I learned this from personal experience when I beat an IS-4 in a dog fight, mainly shooting at the back(Full HP, both of us).

•Never be afraid to fight anyone, but play it smart. Your KV-3 can easily tear down a Tiger I, or an IS from the front, as you have very thick armor for your tier and bounce shots quite often. I always end up eating a tiger alive almost every game.

•The speed of the KV-3 should be of little concern, Its not a complete slug, and has enough armor to make up for it. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve picked off a pesky T3485 or T43 when it tries to use speed.

•Practice aiming. I suggest getting the upgraded turret and 122mm immediately, its a great gun, and accurate enough to pick off a leopard moving at max speed if you aim correctly. Do not use autoaim, its a death trap.

•Go for stugs and jpz4s immediately if they are the highest tiers you see, those pesky buggers have a fast reload and can most likely kill you if they aim, but if you manage to hit them with the 122mm, you can 1 hit stugs and cripple jpz4s. Don’t worry about tier 6s that aren’t kv-3s.

•Your first concern should be finding decent cover, so you can retreat if you are overwhelmed. Fight in areas where you are in a strategical advantage.

The KV-3 is an often underestimated tank, and people pay for doing so. Enjoy this great tank, and make sure to make a Tiger Is day hell.

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