War of the Immortals Heretics Guide for New Players

War of the Immortals Heretics Guide for New Players by stoopidmerekat18

Starting off the game, I was told to play Heretics, only I didn’t know why until I got to level ten with mine. They usually aren’t dps classes, so I was confused to find out that I couldn’t do much damage. When I hit level ten, though, I was given my heal skill. That’s when I realized why they’re a good beginner class.

When I started, I started looking online for builds for Heretics. I couldn’t find a good solid answer, and to be honest, I only found a lot of controversy. So, this thread is for those players who are new to the game, and want an honest answer.

Before you start putting points into your attributes, though, you need to understand that there are three different types of Heretics:
1) Pure spirit
2) Pure intellect
3) Hybrid
Each build makes your character good at different things.

Pure spirit heretics are good at one thing, and one thing only. Healing. The reason that they are “pure spirit”, is that every time you level, you take those two points, and put them into your spirit. Most people believe that this is the only good way to run a heretic, and I am personally disinclined to agree, but I’ll save my reasons for later. The role of this type of heretic is just to heal. When in a group, you stay back, away from the combat, watching everybody’s health, and healing them. It is honestly not a bad build, seeing as they heal a LOT of health, but at the same time, it can be a pain when trying to solo bosses like Eos – 1. When you level up this type’s skills, you usually don’t upgrade anything other than the heal skills and the buffs first, and then everything else later on

Pure intellect heretics are a lot better at dps than the pure spirit heretics, and while they can still heal people, their healing skills tend to be left wanting. The reason they are called “pure intellect” is the same reason that the “pure spirit” heretics get their name. You put the two points you get every level into only intellect. There is some controversy over this type of heretic, because most believe that heretics should only be for healing. The upside of doing this build is that when you solo bosses like Eos – 1, it won’t take you quite as long as the “pure spirit” heretics. The downside is that when you do solo bosses, you won’t be able to heal yourself as well, and you are more prone to dying. When you upgrade the intellect heretic’s skills, you tend to focus more on the attack skills and buffs, and then go for the heals later. The main thought behind this type of heretic is “The more damage I do, the quicker I kill the boss. The quicker I kill the boss, the less likely I am to die.”

Now, my favorite type of heretic is the “hybrid” heretic. Unlike the pure “spirit” or “intellect” heretics, they usually have an equal balance of healing and damage dealing. The reason for that is the fact that you put your points into both your intellect and your spirit every level. Now, I tend to build my hybrids differently from most. This is what the normal hybrid build looks like: 1 Spirit, 1 Intellect every level

The StoopidMerekat Hybrid build is as follows:

Levels 21-40
Put only two points into spirit every fifth level, and the rest into intellect for the rest of the levels. I.e. levels 21-24 are intellect. Levels 26-29 are intellect. Levels 31-34 are intellect. Levels 26-39 are intellect. Levels 25, 30, 35, and 40 are spirit levels.
Levels 41-80
Put only two points into intellect every fifth level, and the rest into spirit for the rest of the levels. So you basically do the reverse of what you did for levels 21-40.
Levels 81-125
Go full spirit. You no longer need any dps abilities, and should really buckle down on your healing if you haven’t already.

The reason for building your hybrid this way instead of the conventional way is that if you do it “one point in spirit, one in intellect” every level, your skills on both the attacking and healing side are under-powered until end game. If you do it this way, your abilities will be balanced until level 60, and then your healing skills will overpower your damage abilities after level 60.

Now, the reason for leveling up your intellect first is that before level 40, you do a LOT of soloing. Personally, I hate it when it takes forever for me to kill a mob. That’s why you upgrade your intellect as your main attribute until level 40. Now, you may be thinking, “Didn’t you say the ‘More damage = longer life’ logic was flawed?” To answer that question, yes it is. Before level 40, though, your healing skills will be fine if you upgrade your Heal skill to level two at the very least. You have to remember that you are still dropping points into your spirit. Just not as many as a pure spirit build. So, in other words, you will heal fine, but you will not be healing more than 2k hp. That works out, though, because the heretic does not have very much health, and, like I said before, you do not group much before 40.

The reason for the shift to upgrading your spirit as your main attribute after level 40 is because, like I said, you start to group after level 40 for events. When that happens, your entire focus as a heretic shifts form healing yourself, to healing an entire group. When that happens, your measly 2k hp heal will be effective, but not potent. Thus, it is essential to make your healing skills as potent as possible. You will still be doing some soloing, though, after then. That is why you still upgrade your intellect. It will further increase your magic damage, thus making it a little easier to solo.
After level 80, you will have a high enough magic damage as a heretic that you shouldn’t need to drop any more points into intellect. The events get a lot harder around then, and it is essential to max out your healing. Although you won’t be doing the amount of damage that a bezerker may at that level, you will still be fine if you accidentally pull aggro from a mob and have to kill it.

I hope I clarified things for some people. This is just the way I figured it would be best to explain. I have tried all the types of heretic to at least level 80, and I figured I would lend some of my knowledge and experience to others. Please let me know what you think, and if any of you wish, try my build and let me know what you think.

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