War of the Immortals Darkflame Temple and Conqueror’s Gold Helm Guide

War of the Immortals Darkflame Temple and Conqueror’s Gold Helm Guide by vekool

1) Level 90+
2) Darkflame Emblem (Karonna gives one everyday for free)
3) Full demon set. By this I mean any Golden gear with Damage bonus as well as Damage reduction against demons. Trust me, it will help the most here. All mobs are demons and are around level 95 – they hit hard.

1) Major Coin (Yes – if u simply keep on searching all the things in here – you can easily get 200K+).
2) Conqueror’s Gold Helm (Treasure)
3) Spring Water
4) Carbite
5) Energy Stones (I think you need 60 – to get the treasure). These are Vend-able
6) Divine Beetle Sculpture (20 may be given to Vaphere for 2 adventure coins)
7) Ghost Grass (20 may be given to Vaphere for 1 adventure coin)
8) Torn Flame Scrolls (20 may be given to Vaphere for 1 adventure coin)
9) Adventure Coins x 3 (From the daily quest chain)
10) Extra Adventure coins from the survivors quest chain – though these are one time only.
11) Decent Exp.
12) Adventure Rep.
13) Cult Goblet (20 may be given to Vaphere for 1 adventure coin)
14) Extraction Agent (rare)



1) This map has 16 rooms numbered 1 – 16 in roman numerals
2) The tiny rectangles at the sides of the rooms indicates portals. Some portals are one way only. For example: Look at rooms 2 and 3. To the right of room 2 is a portal and it there is a connecting portal to the left of room 3. Hence those portals can be used both ways. However to the south of room 2 is a one way portal to room 6 as there is no adjoining portal to room 2 in room 6.
3) Room 4 is special and can only be accessed through the random teleportation. You get a title if u open 15 chests in there (Lemme know what it is if someone gets it).
4) The random portals require energy stones to teleport you.

1) Most Mobs are red named and some rooms are filled with mobs. Without proper damage reduction – u can die here
2) White Zone: like Cave of Haze: PvP is allowed – but will be punished (you can get infamy here).

As soon as you enter – a 40 minute timed quest will start. You basically have only 40 minutes to do whatever you want. After which you will be teleported out of the temple.

The procedure may be divided into 2 days. (Yes I mean 2 days). Why? This way – when you do the quest the next day – you can potentially get around 4-5+ treasures. I got 4 in one day. A better DPS could have gotten a lot more.

Day 1:

1) Take the daily quests from the NPC there. If this is your first time – the other guy will have quests for you too.

2) Use the portal to room 2 – then to room 3. Kill a few mobs here for the quest

3) In room 3 are 4 switches. These switches are so arranged that the form the 4 sides of a square. Lets label them 1,2,3 and 4 from left to right. Three combinations are possible here.

a) 1, 2, 3 and 4 (visualize the letter Z)
b) 2, 4, 1 and 3 (The letter N)
c) 4, 1, 2 and 3

4) This will activate the south portal in room 2 for 30 seconds. Go back to room 2 and enter it.

5) You may now kill a few mobs here for the quest. This room will also have a portal to room 10. You can kill mobs here too for the quest. Stand at 130,130 in this room to complete the other quest.

6) Go back (the route to go back is usually rooms 10->11->7->3)

7) Come back to room 6. Turn on Combat Aid and farm the mobs in any of the populated rooms from here. Rooms which have two types of enemies are the best to farm. AFK this section with Combat Aid turned on and get as many Energy Stones you can – till the timer expires.

Day 2:

1) Do the Daily quests.

2) However – instead of going from rooms 10->11->7->3 – go to room 9. Use the random teleporter there to go to room 5. Get the Square flame stone by searching the altar there – and go to room 1 from the portal.

3) Hand in your quests. Now come back to room 10. Go to room 9 but this time – teleport to room 13.

4) In here is a pedestal that will give you a password (like do – re – mi – fa – so). Write it down in the chat window. The portal is this room resets if 10 people have passed through it. At that time this room fills up with nom-nom flowers. You have to kill them all to activate the portal again. It doesn’t take much long.

5) Go to room 15 and attack the nom-nom flowers exactly as specified by the password. This will give you the round flame stone. Come Back to room 10

6) This time go from rooms 11->7->8 to room 12. Get the triangle flame stone.

7) Go back to room 1. (room 7 has a portal to room 3). Talk to the stone portal statute there to be teleported to room 16 – the treasure room. You can now go back and forth between rooms 1 and 16 as many times you want.

8) Doing all this should take max 8 mins. Now you should have at least 32 minutes in your hands. The mobs have high HP (100 to 120K+ at least) and do take time to go down. They also deal a lot of damage (I had 600 reduction on my set) as shown below. I have golden gear with only weapon and armor fortified to +4, and level 2 gems. The rest isn’t fortified at all.

9) Now kill the mobs for the next 10-15 mins and try to get around 10-20+ Inferno essences. Remember – you need at least 5 to get 1 Conquerors gold helm. Once you done collecting them. Talk to the NPC in the top right corner of the screen to get Varrocca Key finder. IF the key finder requires you to go to rooms like room 13. Dump it and get another one. This is useful if u don’t have energy stones. Going to room 13 for example will require additional 15 energy stones as it can only be accessed via the random teleporter. The more damage you do – the more essences you get.

10) Go to the location specified and right click on the key finder. the closer the beeps – the closer you are to the key.

The beeps will be shown on screen like:
beep~beep~beep~beep~beep (means its close – but still a bit far)
BeepBeepBeepBeep (means you are pretty close)

Some key locations I recorded. I do believe they repeat. This list will be updated as I get more. I just started doing this 2 days ago.

1) Room III
Always at the centre (at least in my case).

2) Room VII
a) 174,124
b) 176, 132

3) Room X
a) 134, 180

4) Room XI
a) 179, 170

A general tip is to always start from the centre of the room. And these locations have repeated at least twice or more in my case.

Get the sealed Varrocca key key and teleport back to room 16 via room 1.


11) Right click on the key to unseal it. This costs 5 inferno essences. Click on the big treasure chest in the middle to get the treasure.

12) Repeat. Any spare time you have should be used to collect inferno essences.

1) The square, triangle and round flame stones expire, but energy stones and inferno essences do not and can be stored for the next visit.
2) When you collect all 10 helms – this area is still a good place to get some coins. Any searchable object can provide anywhere from 5K to 25K+ coins.
3) You can also vend energy stones. Or use random teleportation to try to get too room 4. This is what it looks like.

Its a room filled with chests that give EXP when opened. You get more exp each time. I was able to open 5 before getting teleported out. It cost be around 80 energy stones (14 random teleports) to get there.

4) You get 60 rep when the timer expires. Plus 9 rep and 3 adventure coins from the 3 daily quests.

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