War of the Immortals Paladin’s Trials Guide

War of the Immortals Paladin’s Trials Guide by blackravenxin

Greetings! Okay tonight I ran Paladin’s Trials with a group who didn’t know anything about it. So I decided to make this guide for the event.

Paladin’s Trials between Sun. 00:00 to Fri. 23:59 (6 days) is basically normal. This is how you run it for those who never have before.

1. Must not have already did this event already between resets. You can only do this event once per day. However there is an Item Shop item that will allow you to do the event once more that day.

2. Visit Preece in Atlantis to do the event. When you speak to him you have two options:

Valley of Trials(Easy)
Valley of Trials(Normal)

Easy mode can be done by your self, but you do not get all the EXP you could if you did the Normal mode. Either mode requires you to be in a party. Easy 1-3 people in party, Normal party of 3 to 6 in party.

3. Once you enter VoT you must kill all the Kolbold’s. As you go along you will get to certain points that after you kill the Kolbolds Special mobs appear with a crystal alter. You have 1 min to destroy this alter to release monster souls which is basically free/extra EXP. Then kill the mobs that appeared. once the first set of mobs that appeared is dead 4 more will appear. Kill them and you can go on your way killing more kolbolds. You do this basic pattern till you get to a set of gates. You have anywhere from 2 – 3 Large Mobs that you must kill to open the gates. Once all mobs are dead enter the gates and you will be at the Boss area. Atk the two summoner mobs till they become immune to attacks. They will then Summon the Boss. Kill the Boss and once he is dead you are done.

This is the basic pattern everyday except Saturday which Paladin’s Trials becomes Immortal Paladins Trials. This day you have the same options to enter. Once you enter things are slightly different. If there mobs about kill them till you get to the Summoner and the large Kolbold. Kill them and LordDarkmoon appears but he is currently immune to all attacks. When he vanishes kill the monster soul orbs for extra EXP. Continue this pattern till the end and go through the gates. Do the same as other days. The only difference is on saturdays there are more monster souls to destroy for EXP.

I hope this guide helps those who need it.


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