TibiaME Ridley Quest Guide

TibiaME Ridley Quest Guide by Aegela

Go to southeast of Ashmor swamp. You will find Ridley walking around the beach.
Talk to him. He will ask you a question.
To find the answer of his question you need to meet four people, they are Anne, George, Julian and Richard. Each of them hold a piece of the complete answer for Ridley’s question.

Anne is at the south of Mines-Aurea. George south of Aurea arena. Julian at the beach north of Lybera. Richard at the lake east of Solahmar.
Find the answer and then go back to Ridley. He will teleport you to new land, a little island in the middle of Ashmor lake called Centaville.

When you arrived at Centaville you will see a house which door is locked.
Walk West and you will see a stump. Use a candle to burn the stump to unlock the door.

Inside the building there are several switch that needs you to step on it to open the door to other room. See the picture below.

I have no screenshot of rooms behind this. It needs a team work of 2 players to pass thru it. Find a portal with switch in it. Step on the switch, it will lead you to the Hall of Fire!

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    great, just enough to get 2 people in, to die….this is a deathtrap without the info to get out…

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