TibiaME Windows Mobile Installation Guide

TibiaME Windows Mobile Installation Guide by siulmagic

so heres what you need

the java emulator
Compatibility:wm2003,wm2005,wm6.1,wm6.5 (Smartphone or Pocket PC)
WM6.5 has problems with sound emulations so some games wont have sound like you guessed it TibiaME, rest are fine

this is the best one for java games Nokia,SE almost every game this emulator will let you play it on your Windows Mobile


Now that you have both and have installed the java emulator, now you open the java emulator, then you go to menu->install->local files
then search for tibiame_j2me_154_free.jar

it will prompt you for some stuff just hit yes or ok
once its finished tibiaME will appear in the list of installed game

select tibiaME and hit launch and there you go TibiaME on your Windows Mobile Enjoy(also there is no touch support in tibiaME so yea remember that)

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