PlaneShift Crafting Guide

PlaneShift Crafting Guide by drah

Learning Metallurgy
To smelt ores you will need the “Working with Stock” book in the “Mind” slot (in your inventory window).
The book is available (in quests) from NPCs you would expect to work with stock.
Before you can make steel, you will need to raise your metallurgy to level 5.
To raise your metallurgy level to 5, you will first need to make iron stock.

Making Iron Stock & Raising Metallurgy To Level 5
To create an iron stock, you need to smelt 10 iron ores (in the furnace) into molten iron.
Then place the 10 molten iron into the stock cast. This will produce one iron stock.
You can then smelt the iron stock back in to 10 molten iron and repeat the process to gain experience.

Making Steel Stock
To make steel you will need iron and coal in 8:2 or 9:1 ratio respectively.
Place your 9 ( or 8 ) iron and 1 (or 2) coal in the furnace, in 2 seperate slots.
Close the window, right click on the furnace, then hit the “Combine” button.
This will create molten steel which you can put in the stock cast to make steel-stock.

Making Blades & Handles from Steel Stock
To make blades you will need a smith hammer and a Book of Blades, again, with the book in the “mind” slot.
The book is available (in a quest) from Harnquist.

The amounts required to create different items from stock are as follows:
1 = Knife Handle
2 = Sword Handle
4 = Dagger Blade
6 = Short Sword Blade
8 = Long Sword Blade

Go to the forge and heat the stock until it’s status changes to “Heated”.
With the hammer in one hand and the heated stock in the other, go to the anvil and click ‘Use”.

Unless it’s a handle you’ve made, take your “Alpha” blade to the forge and heat to “Red Hot”
Take the blade to the quench tank, where you will make it into a “Brittle Blade”.
Take it back to the forge and heat the blade to a “Superheated Dull Blade”.
Take it back to the quench tank, where you will then have a “Dull Blade”.
With the “Dull Blade” in hand, go to the sharpening stone and hit “Use”.

Combining Blade & Handle
Place the sharpened blade and the handle on the smith’s table (in the slots – same as with the furnace, etc.).
Close window, right-click on table, then hit “Combine”.
Your sword/dagger/etc will now be created.

Gold, Bronze, Silver
I’m not sure on some levels required but will try to find them and update this post in future.  In addition to steel, you can also make gold, silver and bronze stock.  For gold stock you need 5 gold ores per stock and a metallurgy level of 30.  For bronze stock, you use a combination of 7:3 (or 8:2) of Copper:Zinc.

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