Army Rage Sniping Guide

Army Rage Sniping Guide by Phreak

Well my friends, you come here looking for a guide how to snipe? Rest safe, for you have found it!

I’ve been playing FPS games since Counter Strike beta and I’ve learned a lot about them, especially sniping, cuz’ it’s my favorite thing. I will try to make you a better sniper, but understand that skill will come with experience and experience will come with time!

What will this guide provide you with:
~How to play with the sniper[AWP]
~How to -ACT- as a sniper.
~Things that you should avoid as a sniper.
~Overall strategies!

What will this guide -NOT- provide you with:
~Tips/tricks to make you better at aiming.
~Tutorials or whatsoever to make you a pro sniper in two days.
~Stuff that you can use to be OP.

In advance I apologize for the big post! Now let’s get started my young recruits!

1)How to play with the sniper!

-Sniper. Damn interesting weapon, wouldn’t you say? Like everything in life it has it’s advantages and disadvantages!
For instance: Sex is good but you have to pay it ;) :D Jk. Anyhow. First of all, to be a good sniper you have to understand how does the sniper work and what can it do and what can’t it do. Time for some pros and cons!

~Give you range over your enemy.
~The above then give you the ability to take cover and remain hidden whilst using your range to take your enemies down one by one.
~Carry your team to victory with great sniping: Killing campers that camp at the spots with most traffic, therefore getting a lot of kills and crippling your team or getting the enemy snipers, therefore making your team overall safer.
~It’s awesome and in every movie snipers are OP.
~Fair amount to great amount of kills with low death score to none if played right!

~You are..well “squishy”.
~Weak at close range fights if fighting against a good assault.
~Kinda dependent on team to watch your flank and back – If your friends don’t protect the routes to you, you are gonna die a lot.
~Gotta learn to use the first chance, because there might not be a second one!

Learn to “mask” your flaws and exploit your Pros and you will be a one-man force on the battlefield!

2)How to -ACT- as a sniper.

I have this “thing of my own” or “strategy of my own” which I like to call: -See enemy, kill enemy.
There is that saying as well, which is like made for snipers in my mind: “Patience is a virtue”.
Still, let me get back to the to act. Hm..well it’s simple when you get the hang of it. I’d put a couple of main stuff for you here:
~Beware of your surroundings – Know the terrain, know the spots where you can get easy kills and know the spots that can counter your spots. Observe what route are your enemies using the most, think:
“Why are they using it the most? Is there any place that would give me a great view of that route, whilst providing me with cover and stealth? Will that spot be exposed? Where do my allies usually take cover? Are they passive or they are charging? Is there a “battlefront” or it’s just running around and killing?” Once you learn this stuff about your current map, you have done a great deal of your job. You have gained one of the most important thing in -ANY- game:
-MAP AWARENESS- A nice thing to do is to change your place when getting about 2-3 kills at it, due to the death camera, some people might try to get to your position and kill you.

3)Things that you should avoid as a sniper.

Im not saying you should be a “coward” while sniping, but learn that your place is not on the front’s actually as far as possible, yet in range. Out of everything, avoid the following the most:

~Places with high traffic.
~Open field with little to no cover.
~Places with few escape routes. – Yes im not joking. Trust me a -LOT- of times I actually RAN AWAY from my enemies and found another place.
~Woodland places – Those trees give them pesky assault a lot of cover.
Now this guide is in it’s “alpha”, im hoping to actually make it a lot better in the future! This is prolly one of the “meh” guides, but im really hoping to help newbie players and any other, interested in sniping.
Post your constructive criticism and be sure to point out some mistakes and better solutions! Give the best suggestions you can and I hope this guide helps you! Thank’s for reading, all the best!

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