Army Rage Death Mine Strategy Guide

Army Rage Death Mine Strategy Guide by peterk26696

Welcome to my strategy guide for Death Mine!

Ok this strategy is specific for sniper only rooms since if there’s a Death Mine map its most of the times sniper only.

Ok my first strategy i’m gonna discuss is Rushing, now you say there are alot of snipers, is it a good plan to rush? Well if you do it correctly it is!

Ok here’s a little layout of the map with the path -I- alway take, you may choose a path that fits you better if you find one or you can just use this one.

Ok so as you see the way to take is practicly go from the first X behind the wooden wall and then dodge to the shed, you wanna do this since its the smallest distance and after you run to there you can regen for a moment and then run further to the other objects, when you reach the mine cart rail you wanna rush down as fast a possible and quickly open your parachute, now you may get shot a few times trying to do this but the result you will get if you are playing this move correctly are huge.
After jumping on the mine cart rail you wanna run as fast as possible to the enemy side and hide in the small cave for a few second, see if anyone is jumping down to try and do the same move or catch you, I suggest you having your sniper out to snipe them in mid-air so they won’t kill you and mess your Rushing up.

If you are sure its safe take out your knife, run to the ladder climb up and then withdraw your sniper, hide behind the wooden walls and see if there’s anyone snipable, if the coast is clear you grab out your knife and go have rushing fun!

(Now this strategy is most likely making people rage since its a “sniper only” match and you are using a knife but this is a great strategy done by some people)

Ok now my second strategy is defensive sniping, I marked some spots on which are good to snipe from.

If you are on the left side behind the wooden wall you got a view on the right side and a small part of the middle now I suggest you when you spawn to press 3 and then 1 and when you snipe use the Q / Q technique, this means that you scope in with your sniper, kill the enemy and then press Q twice, this will prevent you from pulling back the hammer of the sniper and load a bullet into a chamber and it is arround a 1 – 2 second difference and trust me that is really important in sniping, I also suggest to have your sniper aimed at chest hight because if you shoot the enemy in the chest / neck or head he’ll be dead with one shot and thats exactly what you want because if you miss that 1 bullet its most likely the opponent will kill you or you’ll need some luck to survive.

Now this is my strategy which I get good scores with but I can’t assure you that you won’t die because other people also rush and such, if you want to die as less as possible I suggest getting all your friends together and place them and every spot I marked and then set roles so you give the opponent no chance to perform a Rush.

Now go enjoy sniping in Death Mine!

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