Army Rage Gameplay Tips Guide

Army Rage Gameplay Tips Guide by Mandark

Hello soldiers, I made this quick guide to give out tips on how to have more kills and very little deaths!

First and most important, the enemy is your only target, if you see the enemy don’t panic running around and shooting at the walls. Stay calm, be precise and try to avoid his bullets by crouching or moving left-right.

Second – Outsmarting the enemy. Try to learn all of his tactics. How he plays, where he goes. Use the enemy’s force against him. Here’s what I specifically mean : You’ve learned how the enemy plays – goes on one place/through one way, the way he’s killing. Use the opposite – Go the way he does not go to reach the way he goes and kill him from behind. But sneaking on him and following him won’t be a good idea.

*You are an assault/engineer/support and in front of you, you see a sniper. The sniper of course has the big advantage to kill you from a far distance.What you can do is: Take the other way, where the sniper is not, but he may still come that way from the other side, or you can run left right which will make it a lot harder to the sniper to hit you.

*Battle between 2 snipers. The same thing – you can run left – right to avoid his bullets but you also have to be precise if he does the same. It would also be smart if you lay down – that lowers the shaking of the sniper, but it will not be so good if you do that when a sniper has you on his aim.

*You Against Tank – Don’t panic and run in front of the tank try to be hidden and tell your teammate that there is a tank so they will help you. First try to take out the gunner with your assault rifle if he is turned shooting on your teammates you can see his head. And never give away your position and stay near wall if a tank knows your position
Team Play always helps. If the guy is in the tank and there’s no one on the machine gun, go next to the tank (Yes, next to him, but definitely not in front or behind the tank because he will run over you. It’s impossible for him to kill you if you are next to him. Be careful, you know your team’s engineers with bazookas and tanks will be shooting at it, so they might kill you. Wait for the correct moment the tank shoots at other place, and you run your way behind him and hide behind an object. Don’t go in front of him, even if that is at your teammates.

Choosing the correct class and weapon – Here are all the advantages and deficiencies all the classes have.

Assault – Has advantage that he has pretty precise weapons and good health
The deficiency is that he can barely kill enemies at far distance.

Scout – Has the advantage that he can kill at far distance using snipers. Has deficiency with the low health and can be easily killed.

Engineer – Has the advantage to have sub-machine guns which are very powerful to kill, but the deficiency is that those sub-machine guns are definitely not precise at killing enemies at far distance.

Support Has the advantage that he has more HP than all of the other classes, has weapons that do big damage and most of them have iron sight. Luckily, he has no efficiencies, but that doesn’t mean you should use him all the time.

Game Modes

Team Deathmatch – Use the class that you can get most kills. The class that its appropriate for the map.
Because of on a small map you get a quick encounter with the enemy so you will need a fast reaction to shoot back.

Blitz – This kind of game its all about the teams gameplay, you can chose any class you want but , if you try and get kills all the time your team might lose. So be sure to repair an tank if damaged so you will gain points for another level. always watch what keypoint your teammates are attacking and stick with them or flank the enemy from another side in same keypoint. And of course HEAL YOUR TEAM !

Capture the flag – Be sure you throw a grenade on their flag there is always someone passing near by so you might get a kill. also don’t rush in alone because the defenders always camp .
If Defend try to put land mines so when the enemy team attacks they will be blown up :D and don’t camp at one place try to move around watch all corners.

Reloading You can get a big chance to kill the enemy if you get him when he is reloading. Usually the enemy first kills and then reloads, but that’s why you must find your way to make him waste all of his bullets and kill him when he is reloading. But if before he reloads he made your health lower, then he might take out the secondary weapon and kill you with it. Watch out, you may find yourself in a same situation, that’s why you should stick with your teammates and go back a little to reload. To escape being killed when reloading, if you can, hide from a wall so the enemy will waste his bullets or sprint to your teammates and then hide to reload. Never reload on open ground you never know who is aiming at you.

Landmines – if you see a landmine try to shoot it from 1-2 meter distance (its best with pistol) to get it detonate so your teammate wont die or you step on it.

Out of ammo When your out of ammo, your main weapon is your secondary, but also don’t forget your grenades. If your gun is out of ammo, if you’re closer to your team grab an appropriate gun from someone that dies. Or if there are a lot of enemies around you, use your pistol wisely.

Grenades Grenades could be very useful in may situations. I quote the tip “If you’re not sure an enemy is behind a corner or in a house, throw a grenade”. Make it unnoticeable and throw it fast.

Armor The armor is very important for staying alive. It saves you 70% of the time you are going to die without armor. But, even if you have armor sometimes, you might get easily killed with a single headshot. That’s why wearing helmets is also very important.

Headshots – Headshots do a lot more damage than shots in the body. Always try to hit him in the head. Most headshot make a kill, unless he has a helmet, which takes 2 headshots. Most of the headshots are made by recoil when shooting at far distance.

Pistol Headshots – When moving right – left and shooting with the pistol you can see where your bullets go,so find out and practice in movement to get head shots with pistol so when you run out of ammo with primary weapon you can use your secondary one WISE .

Crouching/laying down Crouching or laying down helps you to be a little bit more precise, especially at the snipers and lowering the chance of getting hit. But watch out, sometimes it makes the chance of getting a headshot bigger.

Hope this helped! If anyone thinks I should add something feel free to say, and I’ll put it in the guide.
Sincerely, Mandark.

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