Tribes Ascend Capture The Flag Tips

Tribes Ascend Capture The Flag Tips by cyphermatic

-Flag courtesy-
If you can’t route with the flag longer than two minutes you shouldn’t even try to get it. Start by defending in medium or heavy. Slowly work your way up into learning how to chase. I cannot begin to express the gravity of how important is to play within your ability. If a flag is dropped from the stand don’t just pick it up so you can get a easy set of points. punt it a couple times to get it moving so that no one can touch it. if you see an enemy coming in for the swoop, quickly return it to the stand. That way they have to either respawn or connect to a new route. Remember that there are better places for the flag than to be on its stand all the time. When involved in a standoff where both teams have the flag it is usually best to just be flexible and co for which ever flag is closest to you. If the enemy drops your flag don’t pick it up right away until you can see your teammate move closer to the flag stand. Doing this will keep enemies from E-grabbing. If a teammate passes you the flag he is endowing you with a great responsibility, you must treat it as such. When the player comes back to you it usually signifies that he wants the flag back to ensure its safety or to get the credit he deserves. You will be rewarded with a capture assist which although isn’t as good as a cap of your own, it is still better than dying trying to be greedy and take the cap for yourself. If you loose your speed that you had built up its usually best to just suicide than to llama grab. Llama grabbing is a great frustration to the friendly cappers.

-upgrading priorities-

Don’t worry about unlocking things right now. Save up all your xp for the armor and pack upgrades first. Try to get a disc for your soldier after you have completely upgraded his armor and pack.

-defensive tips-

When you are using technician, try to put the turrets in a place were they are not openly exposed to splash damage. Don’t put the turret right on or near the flag. When using doombringer it is very impractical to put a force field inside the base anywhere, avoid doing this to avoid wasting your deployable. Try to put force fields in places where the enemy tends to ski thru.

-offensive tips-
If a friendly player has the flag, give them their space (don’t bump into them and cause them to slow down) But feel free to help them. Help is greatly appreciated by the flag carrier. Be sure to attack in groups. look around and wait for two players to spawn with you. If you see a robust defense near the enemy flag and you have 10k credits. Its usually more practical to call in a orbital strike than a tactical one. If its just remote turrets then a tactical strike will suffice. Usually a tactical strike will not clean up a flag completely if it is composed of turrets players and force fields. Keep the enemy flag clean at all times. More clutter more danger. Try not to waste the strikes on an empty flag. Even if there are players there its usually wise to just wait till they start deploying more crap and destroy it.

-flag tips for carriers-

if you’re really savvy drop a flag a few times so you can regenerate while no one is around make sure you are on a mountain top if you plan to do this and you have mild coverage. It may take a few tries to get this right because it wont always happen right away. usually you start to regenerate the third or second time after taking a short break from being chased around. Be very careful when doing this because the enemy can always see where their flag is. If you are at 75% health it is usually a good idea to just pass to someone you know who can handle the flag well. Try to avoid passing to a low skill player. They will not understand your efforts.

-skiing tips-
The art of skiing is hard to master, for the most part. A good tribesman will never waste unnecessary energy. Ski down and jet out as you begin to climb the slope. If you are doing this right, your ski bars will stay in red majority of your route. Spend about ten minutes on free roaming a map and learn how to connect routes. Almost every route in ascend can be interconnected to give you a greater advantage. This was never the case in T1 however. Sadly routes in ascend take little to no skill to learn and remember. This is for visual aesthetics mostly but it has doubled as a balance feature (the land having less jagged edges than recent tribes series).

-Other tips-
Time your shots well don’t fire as soon as you are able to fire. This sometimes leads the gun to dry firing and inaccuracy. Try not to completely drain your energy in duels ect. rest is common sense. Then again all the above is common sense. You’d be surprised at how much of the ascend community lacks this.

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