Sword Girls Gifting Guide

Sword Girls Gifting Guide by Escalus

This little tutorial is to help those stuck with even the most “basic” features of Sword Girls.

Today, we will be learning how to give gifts. (I got requests to make the tutorial since everyone thinks the gift feature is glitched or bugged)


In order to gift your character, you’ll have to remove her from your deck and replace her with another leader.

Her name will be at the top of the deck list to the left of the screen, click her name, and she will be removed.
But be sure to have a replacement leader handy as a place-holder after you remove the character you want to shower in gifts.

Save the deck.

Now, lets go to the lab and chose the “Cafe Character Gifts” tab to enter the gift screen.

This is the gift screen.

Your character will be shown with her “disposition stats.” Her disposition changes depending on the gifts you give her.

There are four:

  • Wisdom
  • Glam
  • Sensibility
  • Personality


The like meter raises or lowers depending on the gifts you give her. In the example shown, my Iri’s like meter is up 38%.


~Experiment with different cards and items she may like the same item given to her twice.

~Remember: Items cost tokens!!

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