Sword Girls Buffer Card Comparison Guide

Sword Girls Buffer Card Comparison Guide by rasuzuro

I’m trying to write a “guide” to help ppl decide what buffer card is that fit for their play style the most:
1. Lineage Maintenance
2. Tea Time
3. Maid Revolution

1. Lineage Maintenance
There are 2 common sceranios for this card:
a) 1/2/3/Lineage or
b) 1/2/Lineage/4
The main goal is to buff 3x followers and possible they mostly outmatch the enemy field.
The problem with this card is you need specific SIZE followers to fully utilize this card’s potential. Therefore you’ll need SIZE 1,2 and 3 or 4 followers equally in your deck. And that is really hard to balance them out. The second problem is, to get the full field you’ll need 4 specific card in your hand, and this doesn’t gonna happen too often and you’ll end up burning your shuffles early leaving you at disadvantage in mid and end games. You may say that you cut one of the follwers and just buff 2, but then you miss the whole potential of the card, plus it becomes like the other 2 buffs or maybe even weaker. So if you left 1 follower out, you’ll better choose another buff. If you manage to pull out it’s full potencial then it’s the strongest buff among the 3.
– easly dodges Mother Demon Rumor and Swap Spell
– Sister’s Letter will criple you
– Bondage is the hard counter card for this

2. Tea Time:
Also, as Linage, there are 2x common ways:
a) 1/5/Tea Time (full potential)
b) 1/4/Tea Time
There are 2 major backdraws of this card. First the minor one is that your SIZE 1 follwers will die easyly besides the buff but you can handle it, if you use Relena and/or Iris Juvia (altough they are weak on ATK) and by having Picnic Rosa as charater card. The second one is, that if you put too many SIZE 5 followers, you’ll end up dead handed. You can compensate the second backdraw with shuffles, but that’s all. You can also put some SIZE 4 followers too to minimalize dead hand. Overal it’s a great choise, but it also rectrict your deck a lil (Picninc Rosa, Forced Entry) IF you wanna explore all this cards potential.
– can dodge Mother Demon Rumor and Swap Spell
– great combo with Forced Entry
– best vs Mass Recall out of the 3 buffs
– Sister’s Letter will criple you (if you put the SIZE 5 to SLOT 1 or 2 then say hi to Swap Spell/MDR)
– SIZE 5 mostly got 2 or more DEF, thus weak against DEF tricks (Aka Flina cards, Shield break etc)

3. Maid Revolution:
The easyest to setup. You’ll only need to divide your deck into maids an non-maids. Mostly you can play with SIZE 3 and 4. Also, Maids will become extremely strong in latter episodes (Cinia’s New Maid, Linia’s Maid Seron and also there’s Senpai Maid). You can subtitute the non-maids by Lady archetype to pull out some nasty combo. The drawback is, if your oppoenet has effect negation, you’re in big trouble (both SIZE 3 and 4 has the nastyest effects). Also this buff is the second best after full Linage, but seeing how easly you can pull this out, probably this is the best buff overall-gameplay.
– Maids has extremly strong effects in latter episodes
– great combo with Ladys archetype
– Swap Spell and Mother Demon Rumor will criple you
– Sister’s Letter will also criple you

I hope I helped some of you guys to decide what buff you may use and understands it a little more to use them in their fullest. If you feel, I missed smth, feel free to share/correct it. Comments and criticism are welcome!

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