Sword Girls Academy Basic Deck Build Guide

Sword Girls Academy Basic Deck Build Guide by pocketdragon

Link to your deck – http://goo.gl/uBFHa (showcase – http://goo.gl/XqOlN)
Faction Centered On – (Strictly) Academy
Card/Deck Points – 86 points
Number of Followers – 18
Number of Spells – 12

Goal: have fun. It’s also pretty easy to make and you can do plenty of cheap versions of it and it will still work. You can also make a version of this deck immediately after you start playing from just the quest rewards and it will own Nold and pretty much all the basic floors. Assuming you start on Academy:

1x Chief Maid — 3 cats + 2 red + 2 white
1x Mop Maid — 3 cats + 2 red + 2 white
1x Accident — 3 books + 2 red + 2 white
3x Lineage — 1 shoe + 1 stocking + 1 book + 2 red + 2 hearts
1x Tighten Security — 3 books + 2 red + 2 white
2x Magic Stone — 1 ribbon + 1 cat + 1 book + 2 red + 2 hearts
10 hearts + 18 red + 8 white + 6 cats + 11 books + 3 shoes + 3 stockings + 2 ribbons

Just enough heart stones ~

Cinia is also probably the best character to start with. For example you can easily use Cinia in a Dalklore deck and use Curse with her. Debuffing is pretty much universally useful.

Focus of deck
– using a balanced number (of sizes of) cards and slots and positioning
– lots of hand cleaning cards (Magic Stone, Chief Maid) and hand-to-field synergy: got 1 too many Magic stone found? Use one to get rid of the other. Got too many spells? throw a Chief Maid. Too many low size followers, try causing an accident.
– heavy focus on size 3 and 4 on winning you the game
– heavy focus on Lineage (specifically late Lineage 1/L/-/4, L/-/3/4, L/L/3/-, L/L/-/4)
– heavy focus on Maids + Accident and debuffs in general
– dependency on Academy cards (for: Lineage, Accident, Dark Magic Plans, Magic Stone Found, later Ep cards also require this)
– card sizes need to be pretty equal in number; and this includes all cards not just followers. So (Size 1 Followers + Spell) need to be close in number to Size 2 equivalent and so forth. Obviously you want it’s not perfect but you generally want close to it so you get good positioning in each hand.

– the card selection isn’t too great for OBT. First you’re limited to a specific set of 3/4, the set for 1/2 isn’t so hot either, well at least spell selection is kind of okey, but it’s a little hard to find ones that fulfill the functions; tacking out followers might also throw it off balance and spells too have to have pretty balanced proportions in order of 1/2/3/4 size synergy; the only reason Gardening Maid being the only size 1 isn’t such a issue is because there are 3x Magic Stone Found, so it balances out.
– as you learn though experience, the more low sizes in the deck the more cheezy it is; it’s not so bad with this one since it’s all pretty balance but it does mean half the time it’s very directed and you’re not really making a decition but more or less just picking the only right one for the situation?the solution to this is usually high sizes, rares and risky cards, obviously the deck can’t use high sizes so we’re left with only rares as solid alternatives
– no high size followers (more specifically, size 5, and size 6). Note, it IS possible to use size 5 in it, it’s just very awkward and probably not worth it; even when you play a late Maintanence, getting something to slot 5 can be a real pain and very technical — also increases the number of size 1’s you need which is a big no-no as per the previous point.
– little room for anything non-academy; anything you add that’s non-academy should be (a) rare or higher (b) really damn useful (c) preferably a spell (d) really easy to use (e) not screw up slot numbers in any way

Weaknesses & Counters
– things like bondage can be a pain in the arse
– things that screw up at least 2-size of your field size (Sanctuary Crossing for example) also screw with you badly (really badly)
– stuff like Mass Polymorph also screw with you
– Swap has generally a guranteed good hit almost every time, but since you’re usually buffing 2-3 followers and never just 1 and almost never the slot 3 exclusively as well as debuffing like crazy it’s not THAT bad. Standard Lineage, assuming you get it, is also played in Slot 3 so pretty much blind counters a swap.
– Shield Break, completely worthless against this deck, it might not even hit your Size 3 / 4 either
– Shrink, and other single-target, again decent but not so hot a lot of the time since you should have more then 1 good follower if you play it right

Alternative cards
– Tighten Security kind of works; it’s a pretty technical spell though
Aristocrat Girl is decent but her ability is pretty situation especially at low pt. She can kick arse in the face of def cheeze though; if you get her, you only really need 1, more will screw with your deck’s balance
– Negotiation Table; good for your size 3 / 4
– Curse; the problem with curse is it’s something like a inbetween–it’s more accessible then accident, but potentially not as damaging
Maid Revolution; can replace Accident in favor of more buffing

Rares & Future Card & (Low-Priority High Point)
Currently, I like to to avoid rares since they’re quite time consuming to get. I also like to have a solid framework in place so it’s not just about the 1-rare I threw on the field or all about getting the 1-rare and so on; that’s pretty lame.

(note, changes are independent; not cumulative; and not in any order)

Basically a debuff character is good (doesn’t have to be Academy).

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