Sword Girls Field Size Tactics Guide

Sword Girls Field Size Tactics Guide by Xivia

How much Size to put on the field, and what combination of spells and followers is best?

When I started, I thought that it was always best to get as close to a Size 10 field as possible, and I still think this is largely the case. However, experience has led me to consider that there are many situations and many decks that may work better at smaller field Sizes.

The larger the field Size, the greater its overall power tends to be. High field Size creates high tempo, a large power output per turn. This leads to momentum, the synergistic interaction of followers and spells over a span of time (not just any one synergistic interaction). Momentum leads to snowballing followers.

A slightly smaller field, say, Size 7-8, allows for more versatility. If you have a variety of answer spells, it can be more effective to respond to your opponents strategy than to develop your own. If you have a choice between Shrink, Magic Stone Found, and Robbery, it pays to leave your options open.

Oftentimes adding a weak Size 1 or 2 follower to the field isn’t the best idea, particularly if they have low atk. If your opponent has something like a self-buffer, then giving them another chance to activate a follower ability isn’t the wisest investment of your resources. It isn’t just the number of skirmishes between opposing followers that counts, but also the quality of those interactions. A weak follower might also stop some of your more powerful followers from attacking earlier in the turn and killing rather than being killed. On the other hand, if you need a meat shield, then play the weenie.

On a related note is the combination of followers and spells. It’s usually inadvisable to play all followers because your followers will probably be weaker than the enemy’s spell-supported followers, and so they will probably come out ahead even though you struck first and perhaps more times since you probably had more followers. You also won’t be able to respond to your opponent – although I’m not sure if that’s relevant, since if they play something that can’t kill even one of your followers, then was it really worth responding to? However, there are situations where you want a full field of followers. Sometimes you need a lot of atk power to swing right away, and take down a monstrously high atk follower with low sta. Sometimes you have a crappy hand with no spells. Sometimes the follower abilities act like spells and even grow stronger with many followers on the field (animal suits).

Structuring a deck with certain sizes of cards for one or two basic field setups can maximize power while also allowing versatility. If you use nothing but size 2 spells, and Size 3 and 5 followers, this will create stability, versatility, and power – in exchange though, you sacrifice card selection.

There’s a lot of nuance to field size – I’ve probably only scratched the surface with this one post.

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