Soul of the Ultimate Nation Tainted Shrine Guide

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Helron M1 – Tainted Shrine Guide / AC by Valafar

NOTE: When You Start This mission, the Quest will be at the Beginning DO NOT TAKE IT WAIT. Take this Quest When All Shrines Are Completed, And or You Finished All The Quests within the Mission. (Collectables)  This quest is Timed and will Kick you From the Mission if you do not Finish All Altars and Boss with in 30 minutes.)

In Tainted Shrine There is Only One Map

With in This Map There Is Five Altars With Five Different Colours of Flames You Have To Click To Summon The Boss.

The Order:
1).Dark Blue
2). Green
3). Purple
4). Cyan
5). Orange

But Each Time You Try This Mission The Flame Locations Change So They Are never in The Current Spot The Last Time You Did The Mission.

50% of the Time The Orange is in The Top Right Corner of the Map.


This Part of The Map is Trapped And Does Damage to Your HP, 400 Dmg/sec. This Can Kill You Is you Are not Careful.

At Each Altar There is a Captain 

{So if You Can not Finish The Mission Solo And Want Some Ac you Can just Go Around This Map Killing Mobs and The Five Captains while Gaining AC and Items you may Want From Drops.

(Golden Cups are the AC Items That Drop More Frequent then the Rest.}

Once All The Altars Are Clicked This will Then Summon more Mobs to The Map As Well As The Boss.

Then Go To The Start Location of the Map and Take The Quest, Go Back An Kill The Boss, Then Turn The Quest in at Aukra.

And Thats All There Is to it, If You Have any Questions/Requests for Future Guilds Please Feel Free to Tell me.

Awaken, Cloak in Darkness, Finish Thee, and Slay God!

Thank You
Lord of Pandemon
Arvron Chronozon

Character: Valafar
Server: Triumph
Guild: N/A
Level: 138x

If You Need Help Or Have Questions Please Memo Me in Game on “Valafar”
Or Send me a Message Via my Public Email (
You May Even See me on The SUN Fb As Well So you May Message me There Also.
Happy Gaming From The Mighty Valafar! Muwhahaha )

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