Soul of the Ultimate Nation Hair Guide

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Hair Guide by Valafar

These Are The # Two Hairs Players Can Buy Form the Cash Shop and or Player’s Private shops.

Each Hair Set is Worth 200WCoins P/C

Pcoins Are Tradeable CashShop(CS) Items

Where As Ccoins Are Bound to That Players Acct/Character

(Note: My Pictures Will Come Later an Also ***** Hair’s # 1 Aswell… When i can Aford Them XD Or You May Post/Send Me a Pic of Your Own and i will Add it to this Post )

Dragon Knight Hair Style # 2

Elementalist Hair Style # 2

Zerker Hair Style # 2

Shadow Hair # 2

Valkyrie Hair Style # 2

Awaken, Cloak in Darkness, Finish Thee, and Slay God!

Thank You
Lord of Pandemon
Arvron Chronozon

Character: Valafar
Server: Triumph
Guild: N/A
Level: 138x

If You Need Help Or Have Questions Please Memo Me in Game on “Valafar”
Or Send me a Message Via my Public Email (
You May Even See me on The SUN Fb As Well So you May Message me There Also.
Happy Gaming From The Mighty Valafar! Muwhahaha )

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