Soul of the Ultimate Nation Making Your Own Shadow Build Guide

Soul of the Ultimate Nation Making Your Own Shadow Build Guide by DarkCurser

hi fellow shadows,

it seems that alot shadows keep asking me how to build their shadow so i will help them out with this guide about the shadow build.

first of all you need to know what kind of shadow u wanne be… a full pvp auto attacker.. a GVG tank or pve mind blowing dmg dealer… or anything else ..

after that you need to know some basics about the game and shadow class: shadow is since Episode 2 a stone cold assasin class with overpowered debuffs if u use them well. this means you will need find a balance between speed,power and defense.

some basic information:

the stats

STR: this is one of the main stats of shadow however alot people doesn’t know it stenght is the secret why the dmg of shadows is high.. reason for this is because we need ALOT strenght for our gears. so what does strenght actually do it’s easy it adds basic dmg.

AGI: this stat is an “extra” option on shadow class. agi will increase your basic dmg, attack speed, running speed and defense succes rate without any problems it also adds critical chance but you need like 470 agi to gain 1% in critical chance.

VIT: this is one of my favorite stats it adds HP, HP recovery and basic defense. to be exactly you gain 300+ HP with 30 vit and 4 + 1 basic defense.

INT: this stat is needed for gears only however it also has some secrets same as str has this stat also will add some dmg but this time it adds skill enhancement. but what does it do …

Skill enhancement: the name say it all it enhance your skills, more skill enhancement = more dmg of your skills however you need ALOT skill enchancement to see a big difference but it does work… only not that effective as most people woud hope.

SPI: this one you can leave accept when you want more MP/ MP recovery.

So now you know what the stats do, we only need to know where to put our stat points:
this will depend on the choice you made…

pvp’er/auto attacker: it’s important you know agi will be your main stat point also str is pritty important… int you will need just for gears. But i do suggest you take a bit VIT for a balance between killing someone or get killed by someone.

GVG Tank: your main stat will be Vit second stat is agi and str/int for your gears only. this does require Dark elite or Elite 2 and optional = cash items.

PVE dmg’er: you have 3 choices here (depends on skills)

DOT (curse) pve’er: Int will be most important together with some str and optional some agi. This build can’t be used in pvp.

assasin (Dark) pve’er: Agi and str will be most important optional some Vit to survive the close combat. can be combined with a PVP/auto attacker.

A tank (hybrid) pve’er: the hardest build Smile keep everything in a nice balance str>Vit>Agi>Int this can be combined with a GVG tank.


skills aren’t that easy alot depends on your style of playing ofcourse but i will help in some basics:

Dark tree:

Double-Wield: a basic skill usefull for pvp/gvg and pve aswell slices the enemy twice with nice dmg and on lvl 5 it has a 33% of push-back the enemy. (target skill)

Hide: this skill is pure pvp/gvg purpose however it does work in pve too. it will hide your char no one can see you accept shadows with same/higher lvl as you have. (buff)

Darkstun: also a basic pvp/gvg skill usefull in pve aswell. it will teleport you in front of your enemy and deal dmg also your enemy is stunned with 45% chance (on lvl5). (Target skill)

Darkdust: a Debuff skill nice for pvp/gvg it blinds enemy’s in the area around you they can’t use auto attacks or target skills however area skills does work, it has no percent of succes my guess = 55% chance on lvl 5. (Debuff)

Deathblow: combo with hide, when u use as first skill in hide it will deal more dmg. it also has a 40% chance of knock down on lvl5. (short stun) (target skill)

Rush: this skill is pure for running fast … it will increase your running speed with 170% on lvl5 for some time… but when you get hit the effect is gone. (buff)

Suddenstrike: basic dmg dealing skill it also is best pvp combo with darkstun –> deals more dmg when the enemy is suffering the effect of darkstun. (target skill)

Cancelation: this is a usefull skill for pvp/gvg and pve.. it removes debuffs on you and your friends (all friendly targets in range) it’s not a must to lvl it to lvl5 however the range and succes of it increases alot. (area skill)

Downslash: combo with deathblow, it will deal more dmg if your target is knocked down. (also need deathblow lvl5 to unlock) (target skill)

whirlwindblow: an area skill however it needs a taget to cast it will inflict dmg to nearby targets aswell it also has a 45% chance to knock back the enemy (on lvl5) (area/target)

DarkBreaker: useless skill worked in pvp before but not anymore.

Dark Slash: in my eyes it’s useless it strikes your enemy 5-6 times with pritty low dmg… (target skill)

Soulscream: the most important pvp/gvg skill it will fear up to 6 people (on lvl5) also skill dmg will increase the amount of people you can fear… highest i ever had was 6(+6) so 12 people i coud fear. (area skill)

Curse tree:

Pain: a dmg over time skill it will hit your enemy 10 times same effect as a debuff skill only difference = it deals dmg over time and dmg is low. (dot)

Darkspark: an other area skill but it also needs a target to cast. it deals pritty good dmg however i woudn’t use it for pvp purpose it does seems to deal nice dmg (on lvl0) in pvp/pve.(target/area)

enchant poison: it’s a buff it will be casted on any friendly target (you need to target your own to get the buff yourself) useless but it has a chance to poison your enemy (auto attacks) (buff)

Vital drain: it will drain an amount of HP from dead body’s (monsters only) and heal you… useless because the amount is really low compared to the HP shadow can get… (area)

Soul control: this is a pritty nab skill but it is needed to unlock Demon skill. raises dead body’s (up to3) with 70% hp (no captains or bosses only normal,leaders and elites). (target)

Energy suction: useless skill it will ***** hp and mp out of your enemy but the amount is that low he even won’t notice you did the skill so…(target)

Pain: another dot skill this time with a litle bit more dmg however it still is low.(dot)

Impotence: a Debuff skill it will slow down your enemy (movement speed) not really of good use anymore.. fails alot.

Demon: Most important PVE skill however this skill is usefull in a GVG build… it’s an area skill just hit the button and deal a great amount of dmg (on lvl0 hits up to 10 enemys lvl 5 –> 20+)

Confuse: one of the most important debuffs shadow has it confuses the enemy so that he can’t use any skill anymore (auto attack is possible) it has a 55% of succes on lvl5. (debuff)

Dark Force: a dot area skill it will pop up like a circle to cast somewhere on your map (with a limited range) not really usefull in pvp/gvg but not bad in pve. (area skill/dot)


zards will depend alot on your style but some advice:

elemental resitance = defense vs skills

Basic defense = defense vs auto attacks

elemental dmg = dmg that increases auto attacks AND skills (the element doesn’t matter the total amount does)

HP = usefull for survivabilty

critcal = pure critical chance (more chance to make a critical hit) doesn’t add more dmg!!

skill dmg = usefull if you aim on debuffs like soulsream and or for a skill dmg bassed build.

all other zards aren’t really worth to use them on a shadow class Smile (not even attack speed)

Passives: Train them all and use whatever you want wherever you want.

so now you know this it’s up to you to make a build…

if you have doubts if your build is good always can post here or pm/memo me in game.

grtz & success,

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