Shadow Cities Six Chain War Chant Build Guide

Shadow Cities Six Chain War Chant Build Guide by Thokiin

I like my six chained war chants, so at level 18 I’ll have two choices:

79 Endurance
87 Intel
31 Vitality
90 Willpower

With 50 vitality buff, that will give me 6 mana regen per second, meaning that I can cast 6 war chants in a row (16 seconds). I will have 1485 mana and 1840 health.

72 Endurance
84 Intel
67 Vitality
90 Willpower

With the 50 vitality buff, I will now get 7 mana regen per second. I get 1470 mana having managed to reduce intel, but have also had to sacrafice 70 health down to 1770. However now a full mana recharge from empty takes 3 minutes 50 seconds instead of 4 minutes and 8 seconds. A saving of 18 seconds might not seem like much, but over time it will add up.

I could drop will power a bit and increase endurance, or reduce intel a bit and wait a couple of seconds before my 6th war chant, but for me, those 2 seconds can make the difference between banishing someone and them dodging or dewarping.

Thanks to Raelyne for helping me with the figures and some of the working out.

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