Shadow Cities Healer Guide

Shadow Cities Healer Guide by Protonius

This is a short guide for the players that want to become healers
I’ll begin with some F.A.Q:

Q: Who, or what is a healer?
A: A healer is a mage that, during the battles, decides to use his mana to help other allied mages, healing them from the enemy attacks. A healer usually doesn’t attack, he often stays where he can’t be attacked, being protected by other mages and where he can see his allies, healing them. For example, a healer could help players with high willpower and low endurance, wich are important attackers, but they’re usually banned very quickly.

Q: Why should I become a healer?
A: a player decides to become a healer to help the other allies during the battles. A healer “attacks” his enemy not with a War chant, but with an Aria of light, healing the friendly mages that are attacking. A healer is a very good support mage, because he makes the enemy mage use mana in attacks wich are vanified by a good-casted healing spell. There are also tons of people with very high willpower (and low endurance), and having even support mages like healer would be very effective, even when defending a position (a gate, a beac…), because the banished mages will decrease, having a more effective defense. I know, maybe it’s more fun to attack enemies, but don’t forget that even support troops are important, sometimes, to win a battle!

Q: Are there some minimum requirements to be a healer?
A: If you want to be a good healer, there are some, little requirements. If a mage with the level of 10 or higher has got Aria of light at level 4, he is, actually, a good healer. If a mage with a level of 9 or lower wants to be a healer, it’s a bad idea if the mage is taking part to a little battle, because there are high possibilities to be banned, giving an un-effective help and free energy points to enemies. If the battle is big, it’s a great idea to behind the other mages: sometimes, if they’re quick enough, the attacking mages warp where they cannot be attacked. This usually happens when they’re going to be banned soon: warping in this way means they dodge enemy attacks and they’re also protected from possible attacks. The low-level healers should act now, healing these friendly mages!

Q: what is the maximum life a healer can heal?
A: I don’t know. Normally, I would say that mages with Aria of light at level 4 and Willpower at 75 could cast the most powerful heal, But I’ve never seen a mage with these statuses. However, I’ve also never seen a mage with Willpower to 75 cast a healing spell, so…

Q: War chant of light is more powerful than Aria of light!
A: I Would say that this isn’t a question, but I’m going to say what I discovered and what I think. If you only look at the attacking power, the healing isn’t a great choice, because you aren’t going to hit a enemy; but, if you consider the supporting/tactical power, the healing spell wins. Also, healing is truly more powerful than attacking: in my personal opinion, I would say that:
When I attack a enemy, I do 430-435 damages
When I heal a friend, I heal 6765-670 points!
Also, Aria of light is a more stabile spell than war chant of light: War chant of light could obtain a critical hit or, also, a un-critical hit.

End of the F.A.Q!
Now there’s also another question: where should I use my AP?
Vitality: GOOD FACT: The vitality helps you, adding more mana and health to the regen factor. BAD FACT: There aren’t bad facts about the vitality if you want to be a healer.

Endurance: GOOD FACT: If you want to be a healer, endurance isn’t very important, but if you want you can use a high endurance to stay with your allies that are attacking, having less problems to see who of your allies is being attacked BAD FACT: Usually a healer doesn’t need to have a high endurance, because he can stay nehind the other friendly mages, without being attacked by enemies.

Intelligence: GOOD FACT: Intelligence is very important if you want to be a healer: having a high enough intelligence you will be able to cast 6 or even 7 spells instead of 5, having more mana to use to heal the others. It’s also true that, having to attack an enemy, having a good intelligence means you can cast more spells than him. Remember only that you’re a healer, you must only use the attack spells during an emergency. BAD FACT: You have the 6th magical cast if you reach a particular level with the intelligence. This means that some of the AP you spend may be useless. I’m just saying that, with 53 intelligence, I can cast 5 spells and I’ve also half of the necessary mana to cast another spell.

Willpower: GOOD FACT: Willpower increases the healing power and the attack power. This means that, if you raise the Willpower status, your heals will be more powerful! BAD FACT: Willpower is more effective if you’re going to attack, not if you’re going to heal. It also seems that, after the level 50, willpower increases your healing power of only 1 point! It’s also true that having a high-enough willpower would help during an emergency, increasing attack skills
You can use this good and bad facts to decide what king of healer you’re going to be. Here there are some examples:

Pure healer: If you want to be a pure healer, raise vitality and intelligence, and stay behind the other players.

Power healer: If you want to be a power healer, raise willpower and intelligence, if you want to have the 6th cast, or willpower and vitality, if you want to use less pots. A power healer should use his high willpower to heal the allied players with low health. Also, a power healer can even attack, sometimes.

Leading healer: If you’re chosen by the other to be the leading healer, raise endurance and vitality. The leading healer leads the other healers during the battles, helping them saying what to do. A leading healer can also stay with the friendly players attacking: this will help the other healers to know how’s their work going and to know what’s happening to the enemy players and during the battle.
Here are some little tips:

Be strong, be fast

Know how much can you heal: if you know that you can heal 600, then heal your allies when they loose at least 550!

I’m truly sorry if I’ve done some errors, but I’m Italian, and I’ve created this new, complete guide from an old one I created in Italian

Well… good healing!

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