Shadow Cities Alt Farming Guide

Shadow Cities Alt Farming Guide by CoreyTrevor

Get ready for the s***storm, in fact, get ready for the s*** tsunami! Just the mere mention of alt farming will cause some of the games “respected” (read: lacking social skills) players to foam at the mouth. But not to worry, this is a perfectly normal response to a perfectly normal and acceptable practice. With that in mind, lets explore the concept of alt farming.

To be a successful alt farmer you must prepare for the following:

1. You will not spend your entire life playing this game

2. You will constantly be labeled a “troll” in any chat areas of the game (I know you have been called worse!)

3. Persons will constantly mute you (makes them feel powerful, so it’s OK)

4. Lots of fun and laughter.

If you cant stomach the above conditions, then it’s best you not consider alt farming. If you like to have fun, have multiple characters, play both sides, and complete a boat load of missions- alt farming is for you!

Lets explore the basics:
Typically your quest inventory will consist of one spirit hunting mission and one player vs. player mission. The spirit hunting ones are easy enough, but some of the player vs. player (think wards and catchers) can be a real pain in the ass! But don’t fret- the alt farmer simply makes his (or her) own targets and systematically destroys them reaping potions, xp, and energy. It’s quite simple to do, and here is how it works:

6 accounts (3 green, 3 orange) leveled as follows:
2 Level 18’s (1 green 1 orange)
2 Level 10’s (1 green 1 orange)
2 level 4 or below (1 green 1 orange)

Please remember you can share alts between friends, so you don’t necessarily need to level all these toons. It might seem complicated, but you can level pretty quickly when alt farming.

Make sure the level 10’s are capable of casting wards, beacons, and catchers. The level 18’s will likely be your primary character, so spec them how you see fit. The level 4 characters exist only to build puny dominators and to be banished by your main. With this character distribution, you will be able to complete almost all of the PVP quests without the assistance of anyone, anytime (2 iDevices required however).

Anyway, the builds simplify the process of completing missions, earning potions, and collecting energy. It’s not uncommon to be able to earn several thousand energy points an hour (however I would advise against this) by completing PVP quests worth 75 to 125 energy in a matter of a minute or two. Collecting too much energy too fast would really upset the individuals who spend a majority of their life playing this game. This would not be good, as they will likely end up in a mental institution with the tab payed for with your tax dollars. Just let them win, that’s not why you are farming to begin with. Far too many people have already demonstrated that alt farming can give you a decisive win in the energy campaigns. Just remember- we are here for fun!

So, I am going to wrap the first installment of this guide up. Oh, I would like to remind you that spying is kind of frowned upon. Just log in, build your stuff, log out, and blow it up. Spying isn’t worth the time unless you want to read Serotta’s constant bitching about the effectiveness of the orange raids on his base (he hates them).

Good evening, and please post any thoughts you have relative to cheating below. If you have photos of our alt farm, we would love for you to share them here!

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