Shadow Cities PvP Tactics Guide

Shadow Cities PvP Tactics Guide by Davidoth

PvP is sort of complex and sort of simple in a lot of ways.

There’s times where you can just shoot off a streak of attack spells and there’s no dodging or healing needed.

But if your facing two Enemy Mage’s (or more) by yourself dodging is your best friend. I can’t tell you how many times dodging saved me from getting banished and awarded me with a ton of energy.

First of all, dodging makes THEM waste THEIR mana.
Second, dodging saves your health.
Third, it comes at an extremely low cost.

Believe it or not there’s some thinking that you have to involve when dodging, you can’t do it too late or too early or the spell will hit you already.

1. RIGHT when the enemy starts casting count “1 Mississippi” a bit slow and then warp to a nearby structure or player.
2. Be aggressive and quick but do it smartly, attack in between dodges, you can cast and then dodge attacks, it wont interrupt your spell.
3. Watch your enemy’s mana so you know when the time to strike is.
4. ???
5. Find their structures and profit!

Healing, to be honest I find healing VERY situational, I usually don’t use it as I find it a waste of mana in some instances… but when the time comes its absolutely amazing. Team battles especially.

You usually want a designated tank, although not necessary, but if you do happen to have someone who specified in endurance for huge raids, he’ll be the life-saver. Send him in/ or the person with the most HP in and heal them as they get hit, and drain the oppositions mana. Then before their Mana Potions cool downs are back up you go in and spam war chant for the kills.

Healing is also useful for your beacons, dominator’s are expendable, but beacons are difficult to manage if your always moving around physically, so your not always at the same home. While your watching a movie or playing a different game or just relaxing, heal your beacons and dominators and make use of your mana if your not going to be hunting or anything.

That’s it for now, I’ll make a Part 2 on PvP later this week.
Peace out fellow Mages.


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