Shadow Cities Low Level PvP Raid Role Guide

Shadow Cities Low Level PvP Raid Role Guide by Scorpienne

So when the 12th level heavies start stomping around, do you feel a little envious? Do you look longingly at the celestial ranks of the Journeymen, Conjurers, and Mystics? Don’t worry, because you’ll get there some day, in the meantime, you are key and critical to PvP raids.

Step 1, make friends.
Spend a little time hopping onto every Architect Battle Control (ABC) or Animator High Command (AHC) beacon that you can. These are “all-hands” beacons and they allow everyone on your team to show up at the same place at the same time to curb-stomp your opponents. Also, take a walk around your neighborhood (good way to get some exercise) and pop in to any friendly AND enemy and neutral gateways you discover. DO NOT ATTACK ANYTHING! Tap the yellow character icon in the upper left, and tap “Friends” down at the bottom center. Send out friend requests to every friendly you can. This allows you to jump to their beacons in the future. You have time to do this even in the middle of a huge fight because you’re a protected mage, and the other team can’t touch you as long as you take no aggressive action. This allows you to accumulate a friends list of local mages.

Step 2, spy!
Now, when an ABC/AHC shows up, jump to it, and DON’T ATTACK ANYTHING. See how many enemy and enemy structures are there, and then report back on the team chat channel (look at the arrow on the right side of the screen). With your protected status, you can call out for help (because you have a lot of friends now) and hopefully they can go in, prepared for the opposition they will face, because of your superior intel! This way a lot of cocky 6-9th level mages don’t get punked by some a group of 15th level heavy hitters. Also, as your mages cycle in and out (either fleeing with dewarp before they’re taken out or by being banished) you’re the *only* person that will have been in the battle long enough to report on what’s actually happening!

Step 3, heal!
If you’re in the thick of a PvP raid, keep tapping on the icons for friendly mages. They’re going to get hurt, and every time they get banished, your team loses substantial energy. Keep feeding them heals and you will not only get a reputation as a stand-up guy and team player, but you’re helping in an extremely important way.

Welcome to Shadow Cities, new players, you’re *far* more important than you think!


aka Scorpienne
scorpienne at gmail dot com
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