Seven Souls Online Starter Tips

Seven Souls Online Starter Tips by RaZoRBLaDeZ

Those who know me from Martial Empires, know that I created a Beginners Guide. Well, I am not going to do that here. After all my work, the developer had changed a high percentage of the games content to render my guide useless. One thing I will do is provide “5” tips to help you get started & hopefully keep your pockets full of gold as you make your way through Akkadia.

1) Quests: Quests are by far, the fastest way to level in Seven Souls. Some of the quest rewards are some of the best items in game as well. I only do repeatable quests([R]) when I run out of quests for my level & need to level up. That said, do ALL your quests.

2) Drops: Wear the Rare(Green) & above, sell or combine the Normal(white) & combine the poor(grey). By combining multiple normal & poor gear, different levels of Terre can be produced for crafting.

3) Gold: This is where you need self-discipline. Don’t waste money on upgrading gear below level 20-25. You will need that gold later, trust me. Be careful when questing so you don’t die & have to pay to get your experience back.

4) Jackpot: This is my personal preference, but you can do whatever you like. I prefer to use my jackpot for experience until level 25. Once at level 25, I turn my focus towards items. If you’re careful early on, you don’t need gold or buffs from jackpot.

5) Be nice to others in game because you may need them to assist you with quests/dungeons.

Good luck & Best regards …

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