Seven Souls Online Cube Combination Guide

Seven Souls Online Cube Combination Guide by Isomer

List of Item used for combining
the (…) next of each item is the name i will use in the formula

Crafting material obtained from Monster Drop
lvl 1-10: Poor Leather, White Stone, Jade (lvl 1 Mat)
lvl 11-20: Leather, Moon Stone, Emerald (lvl 2 Mat)
lvl 21-30: Hard Leather, Ruby, Lightning Stone (lvl 3 Mat)
lvl 31-40: (to be updated)

Production Material obtained from Mining(White), Fishing(Blue) or Farming(Red)
Tier1 White/Blue/Red Scraps
Tier2 White/Blue/Red Fragement (Frag)
Tier3 White/Blue/Red Essence (Ess)
Tier4 White/Blue/Red Mineral (Min)
Tier5 White/Blue/Red Gemstone (Gem)

Tier 1 Platinum/Carps/Kudzu (Plat)
Tier 2 Opal/Smelt/Orquid (Opal)
*Personnaly since the other Item of that kind worth for 1k/10k/100k at npc, I think is more profitable to npc those instead of using it for combine. However maybe those item might also be material of unkown valuable formula. so feel free to experiment with those if you want.

You can also obtain Terre by combining equipment togheter or with other Production/Crafting Material.

List of Formula

The formula having an (*) at the end mean it may not be completly accurate, you might obtain something else and it would require more testing. (**) might obtain the normal one but good chance of obtaining glowing one.

Ctrl+Click to split the material.

Small Terre Scraps (lvl 5 crafting)
1x Plat, 1x Scraps (50% chance of success)
2 Scraps. (50% chance success)
Glowing Terre Scraps
50 Scraps
10 Frag

Terre Scraps(lvl 10 crafting)
100x Scraps
5x Ess, 5x Frag
15x Frag
2x lvl2 Mats, 5x Ess *
Glowing Terre Scraps
10x Ess, 10x Frag

Small Terre Fragment(lvl 15 crafting)
200x Scraps
15x Ess, 15 Frag
5x Ess, 10x lvl2 Mat*
50x Frag 50x Platinum*
1x Ess, 5x lvl 3 Mat*
Glowing Small Terre Fragment
20x Ess, 20x Frag

Terre Fragment (lvl 20 Crafting)
25x Ess, 25x Frag
350x Scraps
1x Ess, 15x lvl 3 Mat*
Glowing Terre Fragment
30x Ess, 30xFrag
Luminous Terre Fragment

Aqua/Ice/Bonfire Gem
1x Gemstone, 2x Mineral, 3x Essence, 4x Fragment, 5x Scraps

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