Marvel Avengers Alliance Luke Cage Information

Marvel Avengers Alliance Luke Cage Information by BlackwindIsao

Luke Cage, Scrapper, 25 CP

Immune to Bleed status

Level 1: Single target, 3 hit, Unarmed Melee attack. Deals moderate high damage. Any target hit by this who attacks Luke Cage will recieve a counter attack (this attack). Debuff/Buff lasts 2 rounds making it usable on two different targets at a time. Low Stamina cost.
Level 2: 4 hit, Attack All. Moderate Low Damage, Misses Flyers. Only really useful for trying to farm, use it like you would a Batstone Minigun. ~18% stamina cost.
Level 6: Single Target, Unarmed Melee attack. Exploits Combo Setup, Crits about half the time (4 bar accuracy), deals ~3x damage on a critical hit. Consumes a boatload of stamina (~30%)
Level 9: Self Buff. 1 turn Cooldown, 4 turn duration. Luke Cage will protect allies from single target attacks while active. He does not recieve any special bonus for doing so whatsoever.

ISO: Accuracy, Attack, Defense

Team suggestions: Iron Fist, Black Widow, Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic. Really NEEDS someone who can give him combo setup.

Notes: Bruiser stats on a scrapper. L1 attack is nice but L2 is lackluster and has no inherant synergy to his L6. REALLY needs to team with one of the suggested team ups for him to be fully effective. Without one of them all you’ll really ever do with him is throw your L1 all day.

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