Lime Odyssey Warrior Build Guide

Lime Odyssey Warrior Build Guide by Knight

I was a bit bored last night so I was playing with the skill calculator for warrior, which is the battle class I’ll probably be playing as. Because I didn’t play in Alpha, there could be some flaws in this build so if any Alpha players are here, feel free to add input.

So this is a build for a warrior going for the most DPS possible. You would be using a two handed sword only. Preferably training in a party as I assume without very many defense buffs it could get kind of squishy at higher levels. I personally am going to be mostly training with some friends who are going to be a tank and a cleric, so that will not be a problem for me.

Basically, the end result would look like this:…0000000000

Or if the calc doesn’t show it:

ATTACK: 40 points
Weapon Mastery: MAX
Blade Strike: MAX
Grapple: MAX
Smash: 0/5
Two-hand Mastery: MAX
Battle-Axe Mastery: 0/3
Cross Edge: MAX
Battering Ram: MAX
Shield Splinter: MAX
Fury: MAX
Rage Boost: 0/2
Tri-Slash: MAX
Steel Tornado: MAX
Combat Mastery: MAX
Rampage: MAX

DEFENSE: 10 points
Defense Mastery: MAX
Bull Rush: MAX

There are 3 points left over to because all the other skills you can get are useless :/

As you can see, this is a heavily damage-oriented build, getting only 2 skills from defense that seem useful to me. I don’t think there are any Attack skills in this build that aren’t fairly necessary for the best damage output. The two defense skills are low-level but seem like they could be helpful (a bit of movement from bull rush and some defense from the mastery). The 3 left over points are basically useless as the defense skills available to you would only be for generating aggro (useless as you are not a tank with this build) and Rage Boost does not stack with Fury rendering it useless UNLESS the critical multiplier in the game makes it worthwhile. Based on this, your best bet would probably be to dump 2 points into Rage Boost, and waste the last point on anything you choose.

Also, here is the order I was thinking of. Feel free to critique:

Level 1: +1 Blade Strike
Level 2-6: +5 Weapon Mastery
Level 7-8: +2 Blade Strike
Level 9-10: +2 Grapple
Level 11-13: +3 Cross Edge
Level 14-16: +3 Two-Hand Mastery
Level 17-19: +3 Shield Splinter
Level 20-22: +3 Battering Ram
Level 23-25: +3 Fury
Level 26-30: +5 Tri-Slash
Level 31-35: +5 Combat Mastery
Level 36-37: +2 Steel Tornado
Level 38-40: +3 Rampage
Level 41-44: +5 Defense Mastery
Level 45-46: +2 Bull Rush

I start off with one point in blade strike to have an attack, and then work on Weapon Mastery for better damage. I finish maxing Blade Strike and put two points into Grapple to have the 10 required for Cross Edge. At this point CE is probably going to be your best attack so it’s better to have it before Two-Hand Mastery. Max 2h Mastery next for added damage. I max Shield Splinter before Battering Ram because it’s a better attack, and then start building towards Fury for the attack buff. Once you have Fury, I would max Tri-Slash next. It seems to be the best attack in the tree (that is, if it actually hits twice for 397×2 damage. If it only hits once and does 397, then Shield Splinter’s 267% damage will probably do more. In any case, max it). Get 5 Combat Mastery for the boost of damage, and then max Steel Tornado and finally Rampage. Finally you can get your two defensive skills, Bull Rush and Defense Mastery.

The order definitely needs work because I just threw the two defensive skills in at the end, when they will be much more useful earlier on. The problem is, I have no idea when. If you guys could give me some ideas as to when the two could be maxed, I’ll update the build.

Anyway, there it is. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I think it’s a pretty good job so far. Let me know what you guys think.

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