Lime Odyssey Farming System Guide

Lime Odyssey Farming System Guide by RockmanZXZ

The farming system allows people to raise plants or animals.
You have to buy a plant / fruit badge at the Farm NPC.

There are two fields.

-Plant Field
-Animal Field

You are only allowed to summon plants on the plant field and animal on the animal field.
Another important thing is that you can only have 2 animals / plants on the same field at once.

If there are seperated fields you can have 2 on each.
For example in the duval highlands there are 3 fields. One field for animals and one for plants
so you can raise 2 animals and 4 plants at the same time.

Once a plant / animal was summoned you can Heal or Feed it.
You can also change its name, harvest it or let it perform a trick.

Performinga trick doesn’t seem to do anything right now.
Harvesting will turn the plant / animal into reward items.

The reward will depend on the object you harvested.
It seems each object can give you either resources or gift boxes.

Gift boxes contain several things.
The thing you’ll get the most from the boxes are the resources you could have gotten when you harvested the object. Then there are other boxes to get from the boxes (Blacksmith box, chef box, …) and even pets and headgears.
You can also get potions to increase upgrade chances or to lower upgrade fail chances.

The most important thing is to take good care of the object.
The object has a status window which shows the objects condition.

It will start with a bad condition and you can improve the condition by feeding / healing the object.
Every 10 – 15 seconds the object will get the “pain” or “hungry” status.
You now have to “heal” or “feed” the object. Each action will take 10 Silver.

Once you took care of the object for a while its condition will change to “normal” and finally “Greatly Satisfied”.

On Blue Coral I took care of plants and animals all the time.
Once they got a bad status I immediately took care of them.

To get a animal / plant to level 3/3 (3 is the maximum) it will take about 35 minutes.

Today for the first time I farmed on Duval Highlands…here it took 50 minutes to get the object to level 3/3.

It seems the growing speed depends on the map too.

Oh, the profit of growing a object to 3/3 is to get more rewards.
At level 3 you will get 11 – 13 boxes or resources.

The resources you get from the boxes or the object can finally be traded for material at the NPCs next to each farm. For each kind of resource there are two repeatable “quests” at the NPCs. One quest needs 1 of the resource while the other one will need 2.

Each quest will let you choose one of 3 different resources. You will get 6 of the chosen resource each turn in in addition to LEXP.

That is all for now.
I will further continue to collect information on this topic.

I think farming can be a lot of fun and a nice change from collecting ressources manually.

In the future the farming will get further enhanced by finally enabling the chef potions which can increase growth speed for objects. I already tested those but they don’t work right now.

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